Tui Blue Marmaris Review: were we in Paradise?

Want to visit Marmaris? My Tui Blue Maramis review provides all the information you’ll need to help you make those tricky holiday decisions…

About a month ago, myself and my boyfriend jetted off to Turkey, to the Tui Blue Marmaris hotel. This was a beautiful, private hotel up in the trees, looking out to Marmaris from across the Mediterranean sea. If you try and find it on google maps, you can barely see the hotel through the trees, it is so hidden. It was like a jungle residence, secluded from the rest of the world…

View From the Tui Blue Marmaris Bedroom
View from the Bedroom Balcony

Tui Blue Marmaris Staff and Advice

The first thing to do once you’ve arrived, unpacked, and slept, is to attend the Tui meeting, with the representatives from your country. Here, we were provided with maps of the area, and details of the activities and best places to visit.

Being a Brit in a different country can sometimes be daunting, so it is great to have a group of people from the UK to help out when needed. In fact, if there was ever a time when information was required, there would always be somebody around to talk to – very comforting, indeed!

The main thing which stuck in my mind after the meeting was the knowledge that, due to the amount of areas to relax, and the array of activities available, even at full capacity, the hotel felt as though there was hardly anybody there. This was so true and, at times, the poolside was less than half empty!

Tui Blue Marmaris Hotel Activities

As a hotel resident, there was always something new to take part in, whether it be a sport, sight-seeing, or simply a new way to relax…

Poolside Activities

As we were only there for a week, we wanted to make the most of enjoying the sunshine, and relaxing by the pool. Therefore, when it came to poolside and daytime activities, we did not take part.

However, that does not mean the hotel was short of things to do for those who love to explore the area or get involved in social and sporting activities. During the day, hospitality staff gathered people from around the pool to play darts and some traditional Turkish games, alongside water aerobics (which looked very fun!), and water polo.


There were also countless watersports, including jet skis and kayaks, and a boat which ferried people to and from Marmaris. This allowed residents to hop across the sea to visit Marmaris’ ancient Roman ruins, and experience more of the Turkish culture; if I had had more time, there would have been no stopping me from seeing those beautiful ancient monuments.

Relaxing in a Cabana

Sea View From the Cabana
View from the Cabana

For those who enjoy a more relaxing experience, spa days were also available, involving a wide range of treatments such as coffee and salt rubs. One relaxing experience which we did do was pay 25 euros for a day relaxing in a cabana.

This involved a private sunbathing experience on a jetty, surrounded by clear blue sea, and looking out towards Marmaris, with a cordoned-off section to swim in the ocean. Included was a cool-box with a wide selection of drinks, including fizzy and alcoholic beverages. Due to the salty sea air, which created more of a breeze, my tan was practically doubled that day – it was definitely my favourite day of the holiday.

Food and Drink

The most important part of the holiday, which I am sure you are all wondering about, was the food. Being all inclusive, we were provided with all-you-can-eat food and drink at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a snack bar at reception 24/7. Here, drinks were served at the table by staff, who were all very lovely, and a buffet was available.

There was also an a-la carte dinner restaurant, which all residents were permitted to visit once during their stay, consisting of food from a menu and waiter service, and a similar lunch bar area, called the Turtle Bar, with which there were no limits to your visits.

Collage of the Sea and Sky
View from the Turtle Bar
A Light Lunch
Delicious food from the buffet

Specifically, the main buffet had a salad bar, a bread section, lots of cheese, a hot food section, and a desserts section, with random foods in between.

One of my favourite parts was the fresh fish which was cooked and served whole; it was absolutely delicious, particularly the trout. I also loved the omelette station in the mornings – they did not hold back with the cheese!

Overall, the food quality was brilliant, and the cocktails were very strong (never a bad thing…)!


After dinner, there were multiple opportunities to watch some thrilling entertainers, including Turkish dancers, and Mongolian Acrobats. They performed stunting and contortionist acts by the pool, which were mind-blowing to watch.

Cat Sanctuary

On the walk from the hotel room down to the pool and dinner area, there was a small cat sanctuary with food and water for the resident cats protected amongst the hotel. Being a cat lover, this was one of my favourite parts of the hotel, as I would often be greeted by a cat at dinner or on my way home at night, which was lovely.

Enjoying the Cat Sanctuary
Me enjoying the company of some gorgeous cats!


Other important things to note are the private beach, which had multiple deck chairs to relax on, alongside the activity pool, where we spent most of our time. It wasn’t very invasive, if that’s a worry for you, so it was alright to relax there without being bombarded by loud music and activities too much. Alternatively, there was a relaxation pool, which was completely quiet.

There were also golf carts which were driven by staff to allow people quick and easy travel to their rooms, as the rooms required a fair walk up multiple flights of stairs (so tiring!). Most of the time, we decided to walk to burn off the buffet foods, but one drunken night, we utilised these buggies, and it made life a lot easier!

Tui Blue App

A really handy aspect of the Tui hotels is their app, which allowed you to see information about the hotel, the activities and entertainment available, and about the cats. It also enabled you to book certain parts of the holiday, for example the a-la carte restaurant, and extra cleaning services.

Private Beach With a Sunset
The Private Beach

Tui Blue Marmaris: a Trip of a Lifetime

Overall, we had an absolutely fantastic time at the Tui Blue Marmaris hotel, and I would thoroughly recommend it. We actually overheard so many people saying they had been there multiple times, so it is clearly a holiday not to miss!

Rating: 9/10 (I suppose it could be 10/10, but I’ve not traveled to many places before, and I’m sure there may be other places which blow me even more away!)

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