Revolution Brow Tint Review: worth more than £5?

Everyone loves a new makeup product, so let’s dive into this Revolution Brow Tint review, to see if it’s up your street!

Revolution seems to have become one of the leading UK high-street brands in make-up within only the past few years. Every time I step into any Superdrug store, I am bombarded with Revolution stands, and what I have noticed is the variety and low price point of these products. I always find myself opening every palette to see what colours and textures they hold underneath their vibrant plastic casing, swatching all the products which draw my attention.

It is no surprise that, at the Revolution counter, you could stand there for hours and not tire. Equally, you could pick up 10 items of varying shapes and sizes and spend no more than £80. The possibilities for your make-up collection are endless!

Nevertheless, we are conditioned to believe that any product, be that make-up or clothing, must be above a certain price to be of any good. Leading high-street brands are constantly knocking this preconception out of the water, proving to us that you don’t always need to spend a pretty penny to be blown away by a product. However, the question is, is Revolution one of these brands?

Is the Revolution Brow Tint All That?

Collage of Revolution Brow Tint

To begin this investigation, I will be trying out the Revolution Brow Tint in the shade Taupe, which I picked up from my local store for only £5! The packaging describes this product as a semi-permanent kit to provide brows at home for up to 3 days. Simply brush the product onto the required areas, leave to dry and develop for up to 2 hours, and peel away the excess. Sounds simple enough, right? So, let’s give this a whirl…

Here is what my brows normally look like using my everyday brow product (L’Oréal Paris – Paradise Pomade), which usually takes me up to 5 minutes to produce in my everyday make-up routine; definitely a fair amount of time:

My Normal Brow Look

(Don’t judge the cross-eyed look… I’m not used to taking these sorts of pics! Hopefully I’ll improve…)

Now let’s try the Revolution Brow Tint…

Step 1

Start with a clean brow:

My Naked Brows

Step 2

Apply product to brow to create desired shape, using the brush provided, or your own angled brush (I used the brush provided to give the product a fair review). Leave to develop for up to 2 hours:

Scary Picture of the Brow Tint

Step 3

Peel for gorgeous brows for up to 3 days:

Brow Tint on Day 1

I was a little bit worried about using this product initially, as I have never tinted my brows, and I was not 100% sure the colour would suit me. Therefore, I only left the product on for around 30 minutes.

However, I am actually blown away by the quality of the brow. Although my first impressions of this product are that the colour is definitely too dark for me, I think that my brows look natural, and would certainly minimise the time taken to apply my make-up each morning. The tint has dyed the skin beneath my brows, as well as my brow hairs, which has created a natural, but filled in, look, which I am very impressed with. Now, let’s see how the product fairs as the days go by…

End of Day 1

Brow Tint After Day 1

The colour of the brow after the first day was a little out of my comfort zone, as it was a lot darker than my usual brow. That said, with the rest of my makeup on, it wasn’t too bad, and simply added some ease to my makeup routine.

End of Day 2

Brow Tint After Day 2

I washed my hair this morning, which explains the drastic colour difference of my eyebrows between days 1 and 2. It is worth to bare in mind that, if you wash your hair every day, the water will run down and wash away the dye.

However, for me, as I only wash my hair every 2-3 days, I did not have this problem more than once. In fact, as you can see, days 2 and 3 are pretty much the same colour.

End of Day 3

Brow Tint After Day 3

As the days went by, the colour really began to suit me better due to it fading. Nevertheless, the product appears to have stayed on pretty well, and would certainly shave off considerable time from your everyday make-up routine – I am so impressed!

One thing I would add is that I do not scrub/wash my face very vigorously, and I only use make-up wipes on the areas needed at the end of the day, so this would be something to bear in mind if you are someone with an avid skin-care routine, as the product may fade quicker.

Revolution Brow Tint: the Final Verdict?

So, with all that being said, how does the Revolution Brow Tint hold up? Let’s break down the final scores:



I really love the rose gold embossed writing on the cardboard packaging, and I think this colour, with the black, creates a really luxurious effect, considering the price. The only qualm is that the brush could have been smaller.

Quality of Product


I am genuinely so pleasantly surprised at how this product turned out; it pretty much lasted for 3 days, as it said it would.

Colour Range


For someone who is naturally strawberry blonde, I would usually go for a lighter and more warm toned shade for my brows. The colour I picked up in store was the lightest out of only 3 colours, and was a very cool-toned grey colour. This is a real shame, as the actual product is brilliant; I just wish there were more colours to suit more complexions!

Ease of Use


The brush itself was rather bulky, and it was not that easy to stay within the lines of my brows. To correct this, I simply used a cotton bud to wipe away any excess product. Nonetheless, the step wherein you peel away the product to reveal the brow underneath surprised me; I was expecting it to be very bitty, and I thought I would have to spend ages picking away at the product to get it all off. However, pieces of the product peeled away in great chunks, and it took me around 20/30 seconds to get rid of the product entirely.

Price for Product



Overall Rating: 7.8/10

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Rabia says:

    omg i literally just tried this product yesterday and i completely love it, it was easy for me to find a colour to match my eyebrows but i totally agree that they should have more than three!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joannamc97 says:

      It’s a great product! So worth the money! Wish they had a colour to suit me, but thinking I may try the medium brown colour instead now, as I think it may be a warmer toned brown rather than the cool-toned taupe I tried! Will have to see!

      Liked by 1 person

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