New York Deli Cardiff Review: living the American Dream?

Making a trip to Cardiff anytime soon? You might be on the hunt for somewhere delicious and filling to eat out, so perhaps the New York Deli Cardiff is the place to go!

New York Deli Sign

Hidden within the depths of Cardiff city centre, through the cobbled streets which make up the “Diagon Alley”-style arcades, you can find many weird and wonderful stores. One in particular, which I have been meaning to explore for a while, and have finally done so, is the New York Deli. Despite the maze-like confusion of these streets, we managed to find our way, quite easily, to the New York Deli, situated within the High Street Arcade, opposite Cardiff Castle. Here, we were almost transported to the streets of New York, where meat vans can be found every corner you turn.

Setting the Scene in the New York Delic Cardiff

We found ourselves in a very small shop, with a few tables and chairs within, and a bench outside the glass front to accommodate more diners. At the back of the cafe was the till desk, where easy-to-follow menus were stuck up on either side, with the subheadings “Bagels”, “Hoagies”, “Hot Stuff”, “Sandwiches”, and “Favourites”. This made it very simple to decide which item to choose, as you could decide what you felt like eating most, and then could look within that subheading to find a suitable choice.

After initially walking in and noting the HUGE hoagies sitting in front of numerous diners, I decided on this as my choice as I had skipped breakfast that morning (not something I would normally do, but I had a busy morning moving into my new uni house!), and I wanted the full New York experience (having visited America a couple of times, I am in the know as to how large American portions really are).

In the end, I settled for the New York Hoagie, containing pastrami, swiss cheese, baby gem lettuce, sliced tomato, coleslaw, gherkins, thousand island dressing, and pepper (£6.90), and my boyfriend chose the Philadelphia Hoagie, with ham, salami, swiss cheese, baby gem lettuce, sliced tomato, mayo, and mustard (£6.50). Alongside the till were two fridges, containing American-style drinks, and then the classic British drinks of coca-cola, Fanta, and San Pellegrino. We both chose a can of lemon San Pellegrino to accompany our hoagies, paid for our meals, and were then told to take a seat where we could await our food.

Taking our seats on the bench outside the shop (as it was a boiling day due to the heatwave we’ve been experiencing here in Britain), we awaited our food. Wow, were we impressed! Just take a look at these sandwiches…

Two New York Sandwiches

This was my New York Hoagie; so big I could not eat it without a knife and fork:

Delicious New York Sandwich

and this was my boyfriend’s Philadelphia Hoagie; a little smaller than mine, but he struck lucky when I couldn’t finish my own, and he chomped down the rest:

Cheesy New York Sandwich

New York Deli Cardiff: as Good as it Looks?

Is your mouth watering? I know mine is, after seeing those pictures! The question is, were the sandwiches as good as they looked?



My favourite part had to be the swiss cheese (I am a cheese addict!), however, the New York Deli coleslaw was not too great – I love a really creamy and chunky coleslaw, whereas this one lacked these elements. I also found that the hoagie was rather sickly, most likely due to the thousand island dressing, but that’s down to my own choice in the end. The meat tasted great, and there was so much of it that it was not overpowered by other ingredients. Overall, it was a great-tasting sandwich, full to the brim with class products.



Absolutely fantastic! It was one of those sights that is almost jaw-dropping, as everything was so neatly compacted within the bread, in a colourful array of glorious meat, cheese, and salad. Very photo-worthy, and mouth-watering to behold (even just looking at the photos as I write this is making my stomach grumble).



Too big for even myself to finish, and that’s saying something!

Ease for Eating


This was too large to be picked up and eaten, so I had to use a knife and fork. This meant that, due to the order of items placed within the sandwich, I struggled to create mouthfuls containing pieces with everything in. This partially reduced the joy of the eating experience. However, using a knife and fork worked well for me once I got the hang of it, and my boyfriend actually found that he could pick his up and eat it, as his was a little smaller (or maybe he just has a bigger mouth??)

Price for Product


They did not hang about with the fillings here, that’s for sure! It was definitely a hefty lunch, crammed full with ingredients.

Overall Rating: 7.8/10 – a must visit!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lhope884 says:

    Wow you really get a true American sized dish for the price! I can’t say I’d enjoy the food as it looks a bit much for me but I bet there’s other options I’d love! Hopefully one day I’ll get to visit the New York Deli.

    Great post,
    Luce xo


    1. joannamc97 says:

      Yeah I couldn’t finish it! Haha
      My advice would be to go with someone who you know can finish off your leftovers 😂 that’s what I did haha
      There were definitely other options! The woman sat next to me in the shop had a salad, and it looked awesome!
      Thank you for reading, lovely! Xx


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