Strike Series by Robert Galbraith Review: JK Rowling’s next Harry Potter series?

Looking for your next crime series to get stuck into? This Strike Series by Robert Galbraith Review says it all…

The Strike SeriesSetting to read: great for any occasion, as it’s so easy and gripping to read – perhaps a great holiday book, or just something to snuggle up with before bed.

Robert Galbraith’s, or shall I say J.K. Rowling’s, Strike collection is seemingly all the rage at the moment. In fact, even the BBC have hopped on the band wagon, and have created their own adaptation of her work.

At the moment, there are 3 books: The Cuckoo’s Calling; The Silkworm; and Career of Evil, each with a gripping tale following the work-life of Cormoran Strike, a retired army veteran with one leg, who is now a freelance private investigator, and Robin Ellacott, the keen and intuitive woman who is hired as his temp., and soon becomes his sidekick. Each book follows a new case, wherein Cormoran and Robin work together to solve the crime…

The Cuckoo’s Calling

The Cuckoo's Calling
The first of the 3…

Lula Landry’s case, the beautiful model who fell from her 3rd story London flat, was dismissed by the police as a suicide. However, her adopted brother disagrees, and comes to Strike in the hopes he can get to the bottom of the case, proving it was, in fact, a cold-blooded murder. After taking on Robin as his temp. due to her undeniable skills and passion, despite not having the appropriate money to keep her on, the two work together to solve the case, interviewing some unsavoury characters along the way.

The Silkworm

The Silkworm
You can tell this book has been well-loved by a number of people, with the faded silver embossing…

After Owen Quine, the notoriously controversial writer, goes missing for longer than usual, his wife, Leonora, comes to Strike to investigate. Despite Leonora’s lack of means to pay him, and protestations from his family, Strike’s intuition senses a twist in the case, so he takes it on.

When he stumbles upon a gruesome murder scene, he realises his gut feeling was correct, and his investigation takes a surprising turn; the last book Quine wrote details the real-life murder scene in its very pages. As the interviews progress, Strike puts the pieces together, discovering the face behind the murder…

Career of Evil

Career of Evil
The newest of the 3, looking much less worn…

In the most recent Strike book, the case gets a lot more personal – when Robin is sent a severed leg in the post, Strike realises that the missing and murdered women are being drawn to his attention by someone he once knew. Despite the police’s ongoing investigation, 3 men come to mind from Strike’s past life, whom he believes are capable of such atrocities: Jeff Whittaker, Strikes step-father, and the man who made his teen life miserable; Donald Laing, ex-army veteran, who Strike proved guilty of abusing his wife; and Noel Brockbank, notorious ex-army paedophile.

Commencing his own investigation, Strike heads across the country, to Scotland, and throughout London, to find the killer as the bodies pile up.

The Strike Series by Robert Galbraith: the Criminal Conclusion

If you are someone like me who enjoys a good old detective novel, then these are the perfect way to while away the time. With Strike’s lovable and endearing school-boy character, and Robin’s tenacious attitude to becoming a detective in her own right, you will fall in love with Rowling’s writing. I found I could really relate to Robin, as a career-driven woman myself, and I am excited to see how Rowling furthers her characters’ stories.

The character development, particularly in the last book where we get to know Robin’s past a lot more, really elevates the growing relationship between Strike and Robin, and I cannot wait for the 4th book to come out in September!

Rating: 8/10 (I only give it an 8 as it cannot surpassĀ Rebecca, but all 3 books are still fantastic reads)

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