Norvina Palette Review: is it overrated?

Anastasia Beverley Hills is renowned for their popular and well-rated eyeshadow palettes, but does the Norvina palette hold up? Find out, in this Norvina Palette review…

So, I bought the Norvina Palette!!

After purchasing the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette last year in America, I was super excited when I found out there was a new one coming out. Modern Renaissance is, by far, my favourite eye-shadow palette in my collection – the shimmers are creamy AF, and the mattes are pigmented AF! I know, I know, this is a very popular opinion, but you can’t deny something is amazing just because it’s mainstream.

So, I thought it only right, considering Norvina is pretty new, to do my own review on the palette using 4 looks which utilise every colour, so I can give a balanced review!

Look 1: Purple Poison

This look is perfect for any night out. Just glam yourself up with these smokey, purple eyes, and you’ll be ready for anything!

First, I began with my eyebrows filled in, and concealer on my lids as a base. I then proceeded with adding “Soul” in the outer crease, and blended this out.

Afterwards, I added “Drama” to the outer crease and outer corner, and blended this out. I then brushed concealer onto the inner and middle lid to clean up the eye, and attempt to ensure that the shimmer shade stood out. Using my finger, initially, and then a brush (as this shade did not transfer onto the lid easily), I added “Celestial” on top of the concealer.

TOP TIP: a cut-crease can be created pretty easily. Just line the concealer close to the lash line, and then look up! This will imprint the concealer onto the upper eye-lid, creating a little template for the rest of the concealer.

I then used “Drama” to produce a messy, smokey cat-eye and, once my under eyes were concealed and powdered, I wiped “Soul” on my under-eyes. I finally added mascara to finish the eye look (who else just thinks that mascara totally completes all make-up looks!?).

Below is the finished product – to the left is the full face, and to the right, is the look by the end of the day.

The colours were much more vibrant at the start of the day and, particularly the shimmer shade, really lost pigment by the end.

Look 2: Golden Oldie

This look will translate to any time of day – whether you’ve got a day at work or uni, and then dinner plans or a night out straight after, this look will take you from day to night, with minimal effort.

Beginning with the same brows and lid base as in look 1, I brushed “Incense” into my outer and inner crease, and blended it out.

I then took “Volatile” on top, blended it out, and packed “Summer” just inwards from those matte shades, and blended it out. “Summer”, as with all the other foil shimmer shades in this palette, took a lot more effort to use than expected, and needed a lot of persistence.

I then added “Dreamer” to the centre of the lid, blending it out through the crease. I was rather disappointed that these golden shades pretty much blended into one another; as you can see, there is no real divide between the darker and lighter golds.

I then drew a cat-eye, using black liquid liner, to add to the effect. After completing the rest of my make-up, I applied “Volatile” to the outer lower lash-line, and “Dreamer” across the rest of the lower lash-line. Finally, I added mascara.

Here is the finished look:

…and here is what it looked like by the end of the day:

In this look, the shimmer shades did seem to maintain themselves throughout the day! I definitely think that, despite the lack of difference between the 2 golden shades, they definitely translated the best onto the eye, and lasted the best out of all the shimmers.

Look 3: Pinky Promise

This pink look is great for any occasion, and is quite quick and simple to achieve.

Starting with the base, as usual, I added “Rose Gold” all through the crease, and both the inner and outer corners. I then blended this out, through to the brow bone.

After this, I took my concealer, and used a flat brush to wipe it over the middle of the lid, like a cut-crease. I then used “Love” to fill in the sides of the concealer, and then used “Wild Child” right in the middle of the concealer, for a pop of shimmer. I must add that I was disappointed, again, with how undefined the colours of the shimmer shades were; they just seemed to blend into one another.

I then added “Drama”, to create a messy cat-eye and, after completing the rest of my make-up, I brushed “Rose Gold” onto the outer lower lash-line, and “Wild Child” into the inner part. Finally, I added mascara to the lashes.

Here is the finished look:

…and here is how it looked by the end of the day:

What is really noticeable here is how all the colours seem to have blended into one; there is no differentiation between “Rose Gold” and “Wild Child” by the end of the day.

Look 4: Autumn Days

This look will provide the perfect accompaniment to the upcoming Autumn season… who’s ready for jumpers, boots, and all the colourful leaves!?

I first started with the same base as usual. I then added tape under my eyes, following my lower lash line, up towards the far end of my brow. I then used “Base” in the crease, and “Incense” on top, and blended it out.

TOP TIP: adding tape as a guide is a quick and easy way to ensure your make-up is controlled, particularly when drawing on an eye-shadow cat-eye, as this can be a messy business. It’s perfect for a busy morning, when you want to look put together, but have minimal time.

After this, I added “Passion” to the crease and outer corner, blended this out, and then added “Eccentric” all over the rest of the lid.

After blending this orange colour out, I added “Dazzling” to the centre of the lid, using my finger, and added “Drama” for a cat-eye effect.

I then pealed away the tape, added my concealer and powder, and lined my under eyes with “Passion” on the outer corner, and “Eccentric” from the middle of the eye, to the inner corner. After blending this out, I then completed the rest of my make-up, adding mascara to the eyes.

To the left is the finished look and, to the right, is what my eyes looked like by the end of the day.

As you can see, the look lasted for the whole day, however, the shimmer shade is almost invisible by the end.

General Make-Up

For the rest of my make-up, I used the items below:

Brows: L’Oreal Brow Artist Pomade in Blonde 101.

Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1, as a base for the eye-shadow, and under my eyes and on any redness.

Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent 1 over the concealer.

Bronzer: Bourjois Bronzing Powder in Medium 51 on my cheekbones, around my temples, and my jawline. This not only provides a bronzy glow, but also smells like chocolate!

Blusher: Bourjois Little Round Blush Pot in 41 on the apples of my cheeks.

Highlighter: Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette on my cheek bones, cupids bow, inner corner, brow bone… and pretty much everywhere! Depending on the eye look, I either use the purple shade, or the orange shade. This is my FAVOURTIE item in my make-up bag, and I’ve just seen that it’s only £2 (!?!?!?!?) in Superdrug at the moment… like, what!?!?

Mascara: Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara on my lashes, with Benefit They’re Real over the top for added volume.

Norvina Palette Review: Winner or Loser?

As you can see, the Norvina Palette is versatile, and holds many looks under its belt. That said, does the quality of the product hold up to the test?



This is the classic Anastasia Beverley Hills packaging, so obviously coordinates very well with the others; together, they look very uniform. I do actually really love the velvet packaging but, as many other beauty influencers have reiterated, it gets dirty so easily! Nonethless, by just using a little bit of Micellar water and a cotton pad, you can easily scrub away any dirt.

Quality of Product


I have to say, I am slightly disappointed with how this product turned out. The shimmer shades, including “Wild Child”, “Celestial”, and “Rose Gold”,  were the colours I was most excited about, but it took A LOT of building to make any of them stand out on the lid and, even then, the quality was definitely not as good as the shimmers in the Modern Renaissance palette. The colours also tended to merge together to form one basic colour in some looks. Otherwise, the matte shades are pigmented, in a similar way to those in the Modern Renaissance palette, however, with every shade, there is a lot of fall-out, and their vibrancy disappears after blending. Overall, I am disappointed.

Colour Range


I love how unique this palette is in terms of colour; it is very different to any other palette I have seen on the market. I also love how there is so much choice, within the palette, for such a range of looks! I mean, besides the ones I have shown you, there are definitely many more you could experiment with.

Ease of Use


As I have stated already, the shimmer shades are difficult to apply, even when using a finger, which usually helps with shimmers. However, they are buildable, and work well when you layer them. In general, each colour does blend extremely well.

Price for Product


I think that, for the money (£43), you are definitely paying for the name. Even Modern Renaissance, which I think was a much more successful palette, quality-wise, is still too expensive for what you are getting.

Overall Rating: 6.8/10

If you liked this style of post, please do let me know down in the comments below, and I can try and do another. I would also love to know if you’d particularly like another Anastasia Beverley Hills eye-shadow review for any of their other palettes! Even though this post took a lot of time and effort, I loved putting it together, and look forward to doing another one. Thanks for reading! x

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Hunida says:

    Your eyebrows are flawless! I love the Pinky Promise look the best though they all turned out so gorgeous!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joannamc97 says:

      Awww thank you so much!! Lol they defo don’t look like that every day 😂 thanks, lovely xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know how I feel about this palette, I love the looks you’ve created and think the colours really suit you – but I still don’t feel like it’s *THE* ABH palette for me?! Hmm, I dunno! Gorgeous makeup skills though sweet pea.



    1. joannamc97 says:

      I 100% agree! The Modern Renaissance one is THE palette for me! Can never beat it!
      Thank you, lovely! X


  3. I really want this palette, but i’ve seen so many mixed reviews on it 😦
    Lovely post though and I love how you reviewed the packaging etc.

    Lucinda x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joannamc97 says:

      Thanks so much! Yeah the colours are nice but the quality is rubbish! Not worth the price I’d say x


  4. Neema Ali says:

    Amazing review. All the looks are superb.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joannamc97 says:

      Thanks so much! X


  5. sarahscupofbeauty says:

    Can’t say I have a favorite look. All of them look gorgeous! This makes me even hesitate more between buying this pallet or the UD Born to Run one… lovely post! Xoxo Sarah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joannamc97 says:

      Thanks so much Sarah! I would buy the UD one tbh – I don’t have it myself, but love the colours, and UD always have great quality! Xx


      1. sarahscupofbeauty says:

        Really? Thank you so much for your honest opinion! I indeed love UD. I just sometimes feel like I don’t give another brand the chance to prove itself :p. But the Born to Run pallet really is so pretty. Xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

      2. joannamc97 says:

        I don’t think my message replied to yours, but it’s commented below haha xx


  6. joannamc97 says:

    Yeah I totally get you! I have all of the naked palettes so I defo don’t give anyone else a chance haha 😂 Morphe is a brilliant brand which I would recommend actually! Maybe see if you can get one of them? But yeah the Norvina palette is not worth the money, in my opinion… I’d go for UD for sure XX


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