Productivity Planner Review: Starting off the Academic Year with an Organised BANG!

Looking for a new way to stay organised? Perhaps this pink productivity planner will have everything you need to stay on top of the daily grind…


Summer is one of the best times of year, not only due to the immense weather and holidays, but because this is one of the only times when it is actually acceptable to do a massive stationary haul, and not be judged. Therefore, I thought it would be wise to spend an extortionate amount of money (£21!!!) on a productivity planner, which I don’t really need, but I HAD to have…

As my schedule this academic year will be a lot busier than usual due to this blog, and my quest to find experience within the content/freelance writing world, alongside the fact that I will be in my final year at uni, I wanted something to keep me on top of things. I am also intending to lose some weight this semester (I bought a gym membership last year and barely went… granted, I did have cheer leading 4 days a week, but still… no excuse), so I need to stay focused on this goal.

Therefore, I felt I needed to invest a little money on an item which should help me to prioritise each day, and ensure that I stay motivated to maintain my schedule and achieve my personal and career aspirations.

This has become a little tradition, I must add; at the start of each year, I buy myself a planner, usually from Amazon. This means I can ensure my schedule and deadlines are all written up in one place. Yes, I am guilty of using a planner obsessively at the start of the year, and then trailing off later on, but this particular planner, with it’s habit trackers etc. will hopefully give me an incentive to keep using it!

The Main Sections of the Planner

The first section is just a basic instruction manual of how best to use the planner, which is extremely handy! After this, though, comes the fun stuff…

Month at a Glance

Monthly Planner
This page allows you to fill in each month manually, so you can see what appointments and events you have scheduled throughout the next few weeks in one place.

Daily Planner

Page in the Planner

This is probably my favourite page (which is great, because I will have to fill it out daily!), as I love the layout, with the habit trackers, and the ability to prioritise the days tasks. My favourite part of the entire book is the timeline element of the daily schedule, which means that I can write down my days itinerary without conforming to a regimented, pre-ordained form.

My uni schedule usually sticks to 10 past the hour and, when I was searching for a suitable planner, I wanted something that would give me this freedom. However, there were so many which had specific times printed on the schedule already, i.e. every half an hour, that I immediately clicked out of those windows.

My plan for these pages is to simply fill them out either the night before, or first thing in the morning (maybe while I eat some breakfast), and I really aim to maintain this so I can keep on top of my busy schedule.

Reflections on Last Week

Reflection on Last Week

Every 7 pages of daily planning, there is a week overview wherein you can analyse how you did this week, and make goals to set for next week. This is not only mentally stimulating through setting goals, but there is also an element of achievement and gratitude there, which is so good for anyone who gets stressed and anxious. There is also a great little habit tracker, to see whether you kept to your new habits every day of the week!

I might use this part for maintaining my blog social media, for example, attempting to follow 50 like-minded people on Twitter each day, and for working out and eating healthily (maybe to mark off your 5-a-day, even!).

Notes and Lists

Notes and Ideas
At the end of each week you have a little notes section, which I think would be great to write down the weekly shopping list!

At the end of the book, you also have some other cool pages for further life organisation…

Finance Tracking Page
A finance tracker…

Above is a savings page with a motivational quote (which crop up throughout the book), and one of the instructive images from the first section of the journal to help you out.

Project Planning Page
And finally, a project planning page!

Productivity Planner Review: Become a Planning Goddess

The pages of this planner are so inviting – I just can’t wait to get started! But how do the scores look?



I know it’s not all about looks, and more about what’s inside (awww…), but this planner is so gorgeous. It comes in a range of colours, including brown, black, light blue, dark blue, and grey, but this light pink colour is literally my favourite colour of all time! I am so so happy with how it looks!



I think that the majority of pages are really well laid out, and easy to use. I also love the way that you can tailor it to your own schedule, as the dates are not already written in, so you have to do all that yourself. I just think that, due to the impressive obsession people have at the moment for bullet journals anyway, that they could have been a little more inventive with their design and ideas. However, this has everything I could want in it, and I’m so excited about it.



This journal is actually even better than I expected it to be! The paper quality, and the overall finish, are absolutely fantastic. It feels expensive when you pick it up, as it is thick and durable, and the actual material used on the cover feels really soft and luxurious.

Price for Product


Having bought this planner for £21, including postage, I do think this price was rather high but, considering the original price was a whopping £30, I feel lucky to have nabbed it at such a low price, to be honest! Nevertheless, as the quality is so amazing, and I wanted to buy a planner which had everything included to keep up my good habits, I was more than happy to pay this price.

Overall Rating: 9/10 – GET. IT.

If you want to check out some of the other planners I liked, see below:

£24.99 (SALE £16.99): “Scribbles that Matter” Bullet Planner – more for social media tracking.

£23.99 : “10-minute” Planner – very similar to the one I bought.

£24.99: “Inspire Now” Journal – very similar, again.

However, if your budget is a little tighter, here are some links for cheaper planners I liked the look of:

£5.99: Pineapple Planner and Watermelon Planner – a bit more simplistic, but still with checklists every day to help with organisation.

£7.09: Pink Marble Planner – more similar to the £5.99 planners above.

£5.99: Pink and Grey Planner – this was one of the ones which had a scheduled time for every half an hour. There was a large collection of these, and I did actually consider buying this one, but it was the timings that put me off.

Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite, and which one you want to buy!! ❤

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  1. Kristina says:

    Ouuuh looks so nice ! I have a bullet journal myself, so not really needed 😅 id however be curious of an update later on to see if it worked good for you! Maybe of you have stuff youd have like added?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. joannamc97 says:

    Ooh definitely! Maybe once I’ve used it at the end of the year, I’ll see how it worked! Thanks for the suggestion! Xx


  3. lufeitan says:

    Ooo love love the Daily Planner page. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joannamc97 says:

      That’s okay! Thanks for reading!


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