Bullet Journal Spread Ideas: Weekly Spreads for Beginners

Are you on the hunt for some simple bullet journal spread ideas? I’ve created some really cool, easy ideas to replicate. Check them out!

I love staying organised and motivated. That’s why I purchased my new productivity planner for this upcoming year, which I have written a post about already. This planner has daily spreads to stay organised each day, and then a weekly overview to complete at the end of each week.

Butterfly Notebook

However, the one thing this planner didn’t have, which I thought would help with organising the weekly tasks, and then distributing them throughout the days of the week, was weekly spreads. After watching A LOT of AmandaRachLee on YouTube, alongside a bit of Caitlin’s Corner, I felt inspired to start my own little bullet journal, which I can use alongside my new productivity planner, just for weekly spreads. As I really want to start a proper bullet journal next year, I thought this would be a great way to practice my creativity, and see whether I will actually utilise it regularly.

So, I rooted around one of my cupboards and found a pretty much empty notebook which I received as a gift when I was 13 (I always asked for stationery like this as gifts back then, and ended up never using it, so I’m so pleased I have finally found a use for this little item). I then just started doodling away, to create weekly spreads up until December, so I’m all ready for the academic year ahead, to achieve my goals

Bullet Journal Ideas: Plan With Me

I firstly started off with a little overview of my final year; I added a little quote to inspire me, and then used this interesting timetable layout, so I can visualise my timetable more easily (I have not added in all my timetable, for internet safety reasons… safety first!).

Some People Dream of Success

I then added an overview of my year for each term of uni, using small “month at a glance” layouts, with space at the side to add important dates.

Bullet Journal Term Spread

As September has not been particularly busy, and is nearly over, I pretty much skipped it, and went straight to my October spreads. I did a lovely little title page, with a very inspirational quote at the side:

Bullet Journal Spread with a Halloween Pumpkin

I also created weekly spreads for each week of the month (my favourite few are pictured):


The idea is, I write all my weekly deadlines, tasks, and general to dos over on the left page at the start of the week. I then distribute these tasks across the week, over on the right hand page. This means I can easily view my week, and can ensure I evenly spread out my tasks over each day. After doing that, I can then thoroughly organise each days activities every morning for the day ahead, using the daily spreads in my productivity planner:

Page in the Planner

Moving onto November, I got even more creative. I have to say, I thought it might be quite tedious to do all the lettering and decoration for each page but, as I got more into it, I actually really enjoyed all the doodling! I am, by no means, an arty person, so this just goes to show that anyone can do it too.

Bullet Journal Spread Remembering Guy Fawkes

Here is my favourite weekly spread of this month:

Bullet Journal Weekly Page

Finally, I finished my weekly spreads at December, as this will be when the holidays are, and I’m not sure how much I will use the spreads after the first few weeks of this month. This is my absolute favourite spread of them all so far:

Bullet Journal Christmas Spread

You can see the progression of my creativity as we go through the bullet journal, as the weeks seem to get more elaborate as we progress through the journal:

My Favourite Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

So, those are some of my weekly spreads of my first ever bullet journal, so far. I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own!

If you have your very own bullet journal, let me know if you recreate any of these spreads in your Instagram stories. Tag me @joannajournals97, as I’d love to see, or leave a comment down below. Let’s get organised!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristina says:

    Ohh thoses pages are so pretty!!
    It takes a while to adjust (specially that I wasnt into planner to start with xD) but now I always have it besides me in the house and open it more than a handful a day! I have a post of tips for that on my blog under the « BuJo » category if you’re interrested 🙂

    I so admire people who can fit a whole week and bonus little things like you on two pages !! I use my days in my weekly plan to journal more than actually plan 😂😂 which iguess defy the purpose but hey. Thats how I got myself to use it 🙈 and i like the fact I can look back on and say « oh okay! I bought this on this day and it lasted me X.. » or something.
    Anyhow! I always love to see BuJo posts and pages ideas xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joannamc97 says:

      Thank you! Yeah I will definitely be using my bullet journal alongside my planner as well, so I can have daily spreads. I’ll check out your blog now! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. anhdara13 says:

    That is so pretty! I’ve not been journalling for the past few months because Life, but I miss it vaguely. It’s just the actual setting up of the layouts that causes lowkey anxiety haha. You’re making me want to get back to it though!


    1. joannamc97 says:

      So pleased I’ve inspired you! Thanks for reading 🙂
      I watched a lot of YouTube videos to get inspired. Also, if you’re stressed about setting up the pages, just do it gradually over time, when you feel like it! I found that, once I got started, I couldn’t stop haha
      There are also loads of really pretty minimalist designs which might work better for you if you feel you don’t have the time 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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