Top 10 Films to Watch: My Favourite Netflix Movies

Netflix movies could be our saviour during this current situation. So, for a list of some of my favourite films to watch on Netflix which took my breath away, read on…

A TV with Netflix on it, and someone pointing their TV remote to it

Films, in my opinion, keep the world spinning. They bring people together, they create conversations, and they bring culture and ideas into our lives. Right now, we could really do with some comfort, so I’ve decided to put together a Netflix movies list of all of the films you simply have to see.

Obviously there are hundreds of fantastic and watchable movies on Netflix, many of which I love, but won’t mention, as they’re pretty obvious. There are also many films on Netflix which I’ve never seen before. Because of this, I simply couldn’t mention them all, so I’ve focused on the films that really took my breath away.

Every single one of these movies to watch on Netflix is a film I have watched more than once, and I would highly recommend them for almost anyone. If you’re struggling to pick something to watch, you can’t really go wrong by picking from my list of some of the best movies below. So, for some inspiration for films to watch during lockdown, or any other time of the year, read on…

Joanna Journals’ Top 10 Netflix Movies

1. Julie & Julia

Our first film is a movie which you might scroll past on Netflix multiple times before you stop and pay attention to it. This is exactly what I’d been doing for years, until my brother and I decided to just go for it, a couple of years ago. We were not disappointed!

The story is based on a true tale, which switches between Julie’s present day in 2002, and Julia Child’s rise to culinary fame during the mid to late 1900s. Julie, who’s struggling with her life as it is, and feels she needs something to keep her going, decides to start a blog. In this blog, she details her experience making her way through Julia’s Child’s recipe book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Over 365 days, she writes about her experiences, gaining a pretty great following along the way. Meanwhile, we also see the middle-aged Julia pushing her way through the male-dominated world of French cookery. She soon becomes a leading chef in her time, much to the shock of the men surrounding her.

Starring Meryl Streep as Julia Childs, Amy Adams as Julie Powell, and Stanley Tucci as Julia’s understanding and supportive husband, it’s a truly all-star cast. The film is feel-good, easy-going, yet gripping all at the same time.

2. The Impossible

If you’re looking for another true story, which is equally gripping, in a terrifying sort of way, The Impossible should be next on your list of drama Netflix movies. Based on the true story of a family who made it through the Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand in 2004, it’s a truly fantastic watch.

The family is torn apart when the tsunami hits their hotel during their Christmas time celebrations. They are injured along the way, and meet new people as they try to make it back to one another.

The story is completely thrilling, and there’s no denying that you’ll cry multiple times throughout it, for sure. The immense music is enough to make anyone bawl. But, will the family find one another alive? You won’t even want to pick up your phone to scroll through social media during this one.

The aftermath of a tsunami, which left a boat crashed up against the shore

3. Baywatch

If you’re looking for a more light-hearted movie to put your feet up to, this is a brilliant nod to the old TV series. As one of the new Netflix movies on there, and a pretty new movie in itself too, this is a great one for anyone who may not be so up-to-date with the cinema.

Starring The Rock and Zac Efron, The Rock is a brilliant lifeguard who saves lives every day. Zac’s character, a washed up ex-Olympian, thinks he can easily join the team, due to his celebrity acumen. However, the group of elite Baywatch lifeguards are fit, strong, and ready for anything; is the Olympian ready?

He tries out, and makes it through by the skin of his teeth, alongside two others who try out too. Meanwhile, Mitch (The Rock) discovers a bag of cocaine washed up on his beach, and believes a drug ring is making money on the shore.

The police want nothing to do with it, so the lifeguards take it upon themselves to bust the drug smugglers plaguing their shores. Will they succeed, or will they end up with a result they didn’t bargain for?

4. The Other Boleyn Girl

We all know the story of Anne Boleyn; Henry VIII’s second wife, who was beheaded for alleged treason, when she supposedly had multiple affairs. However, this movie, based on Philippa Gregory‘s novel, took a different spin on the story. Instead, she brought in Anne’s sister, Mary, who supposedly took Henry’s fancy too.

The story plays on Henry’s womanising ways, and focuses on his infatuation with Mary Boleyn. Then, once this infatuation wanes, he is soon intrigued by Mary’s sister, Anne. The Boleyn sisters’ father, being a social-climbing man, encourages his daughters to go along with it all, so as to help them get in the King’s good graces, and become rich; it certainly worked.

But, when Anne can’t give Henry the son he always dreamed of, court gossip of her adultery soon fills his ears, and he can’t see another way out. I’m not spoiling the story for anyone when I say that her alleged transgressions result in her beheading.

That said, although you know the ending coming your way, you’re still drawn to the screen in such a way, through Natalie Portman’s acting, that you feel as though it was a complete shock!

It may sound, from the description, as though you need to be a real history buff to love this film. I can assure you that this is not the case.

In fact, the most recent time I watched this Netflix movie was with my younger sister, who pretty much hates anything historical (apart from Horrible Histories, but who doesn’t love that?). When the ending hit, both of us were completely silent, glued to the screen, and shedding tears. Definitely worth a watch, for anyone.

A picture of a gold and velvet blue crown, with a blurred background

5. Jumanji

This movie is the sequel of the famous Robin Williams movie, Jumanji, and is another fantastic film starring The Rock. However this modern take on the story sees the very smart Jumanji board game morph into something which will entice modern-day kids; a video game.

A group of unlikely teenagers end up in detention together, and find the old-fashioned video game. Due to their immense detention boredom, they decide to play, and end up getting sucked into the game.

Transforming into their game characters, the teenagers become adults who are experts in their fields of knowledge, from Zoology to Dance Fighting. With only three lives each, they must complete the game before being released back into the real world. Will they succeed, or will they end up stuck in the game forever?

6. Click

We all know that Adam Sandler has made hundreds of movies in his time; mostly comedies. Click takes the other end of this scale, and is a comedy with a really deep underlying story.

Sandler’s character, who takes his life for granted, meets a strange man in a secret room in a bed shop. The man, played by Christopher Walken, gives him a remote control which Sandler soon discovers can control elements of his life. He is able to pause things around him, speed things up, and even make things mute!

But, when the remote starts to pick up on the parts of his life that Sandler speeds up, he starts to skip through parts of his life that he doesn’t want to skip. His wife soon leaves him, his dog dies, and his children grow up, all whilst he’s not paying attention.

After speeding through life, he wakes up fat, old, and alone, with his loved ones having faded all around him. The lessons of life soon become plain and clear to him, but is it too late?

7. Adrift

This is also a film based on a true story about a young, nomad woman, played by Shailene Woodley, who is travelling the world, and working as she goes. On her travels she meets Sam Claflin’s character, and they soon fall in love. They decide to take his boat across the sea, and are caught in one of the worst hurricanes in recorded history.

The boat is completely wrecked, and Claflin’s character ends up getting lost in the water. Woodley’s character soon finds him, although he is badly injured. They spend months at sea, making repairs to the ship, and trying to survive whilst consuming tinned and canned goods from the boat.

But, with the treacherous conditions, including sun, sea, and salt, is everything all it seems to be? If you’re looking for a gripping tale, with a few tears along the way, and romance to boot, you’re in for a treat with this one.

An Orca in Seaworld diving into its pool for the paying audience

8. Blackfish

I first watched this documentary about six years ago, but it has stayed with me ever since. It follows the world of captive Orcas, or Killer Whales, who are imprisoned in Seaworld. Whilst the public are brainwashed into enjoying the charms of the Orcas’ tricks, the Orcas are slowly going crazy in captivity.

The documentary uncovers the lies that are fed to the trainers, who then unknowingly feed these lies back to the paying public. And, when the Orcas fight back, their power and strength can easily cause injury… and death. If you want your mind blown, and your ideas about animals in captivity completely turned on their heads, then this is the choice for you.

9. Eddie the Eagle

I didn’t have high hopes for this film, I have to say. The trailer didn’t enthuse me much, but when I finally got round to watching it, I was not disappointed. This is another true story, about a young British boy during the 1980s, whose dream is to become an Olympic ski jumper.

He somehow makes it into the Olympic training camp in Germany, where he meets his unlikely trainer, a drunk ex-jumper played by Hugh Jackman. He throws everything into training Eddie up, and he becomes the first British ski-jumper in the Winter Olympics since 1928. Although he doesn’t necessarily jump as high as we hope, his charm and character win over the crowds, making him a famous face during the 80s.

10. Limitless

Our final film is one which is a little different to our others, starring Bradley Cooper. This is another favourite of mine and my brother’s, and is based around a brain-focusing drug, called NZT-48.

As a struggling writer, he comes into contact with this drug, and soon becomes a completely enhanced version of himself. On taking it, his interpersonal skills are completely altered, and he is able to make real progress on his book.

Becoming addicted to the drug, he soon finds himself in some trouble when he realises that everyone who’s ever taken the pill is either in hospital or dead. He is also being followed, and soon ends up being attacked. But, will his addiction to the drug cause good or bad?

I’m not normally one for action movies, but this is a great film, which I think will draw in anyone, of any background. A great watch, and certainly one to watch again and again.

A picture of the entrance to a cinema, lit up by pink lighting

What Are Your Favourite Films to Watch?

So, those are my 10 must watch movies on Netflix right now. Although these aren’t within my list of classic favourites, including Jaws, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, and Shawshank Redemption, these are certainly some of the must watch movies of all time.

Right now, the entire country, and world, is struggling with a universal lockdown. So, with the help of some of the best movies on Netflix 2020, perhaps being immersed in a different world for a few hours will help.

Have you watched any of these top 10 Netflix movies? If so, I’d love to hear what you thought in the comments below. Or, if you have any films which you think should have made it into my list of top 10 Netflix films, comment down below. I love discovering new movies, so I’d love to hear some recommendations.

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