What to Watch on Netflix UK Part 1: My Top 10 Obvious TV Shows

The world right now is a strange old place, so I’ve put together a list of what to watch on Netflix UK to help you through. TV series galore (the obvious ones first) awaits…

Person watching Netflix with his feet up on the coffee table

In my last post, I went through my list of the best films on Netflix UK. But, if you’re looking for something a little meatier to fill your time during lockdown, I’ve got just the solution. Why not get stuck into a new TV series?

If you browse Netflix UK, a lot of the time it’s overwhelming, and choosing your next series can be a minefield. So, I’ve done the hard work for you, and weeded out my top 25 favourite Netflix TV shows.

This will be a two part post, starting with the best TV series to watch on Netflix which are pretty obvious choices, and ending with the underrated TV shows which you might normally skip past. If you want a little taste of some of the treasures available on Netflix right now, don’t go anywhere. So, for some TV show inspiration, beginning with the top 10 obvious TV series you may have missed, read on…

Top 10 Obviously Good Netflix TV Series

There are some TV shows out there which get a lot of publicity, and come up in conversation rather a lot. This is down to reasons including the length of time they’ve been on Netflix, the reception they received on release, and the conversations they incite. That said, for one reason or another, you may have avoided watching these shows, but now’s your chance to try them out!

So, are you ready to dive into some of my favourite shows that are pretty obvious choices? Who knows – perhaps you’ve been putting off watching these because of their popularity, or maybe you never got round to it. Well, here’s your reminder…

1. Dexter

This is probably my favourite TV show of all time. It’s focuses on the story of Dexter – a vigilante serial killer, who’s a Blood Spatter Analyst on the police force in Miami.

His traumatic past has led him to become a blood thirsty killer. However, his step-father has taught him to channel his blood lust in killing killers, which makes his role in the police force the best place for him. This way, he can cover up any crimes he was involved in, and stay one step ahead of everyone.

Combating suspicion from his comrades, including his Detective step-sister, along the way, it’s certainly a wild ride. If you’re looking for a meaty eight series worth of TV, this is definitely worth the time, if you want to invest yourself into it.

A banana with a condom on it is the perfect representation of Sex Education

2. Sex Education

This TV show is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It surrounds the story of a teenage boy, named Otis, whose mum is a Sex Therapist. When Maeve Wiley, the school rebel, discovers Otis’ unlikely ability to provide fantastic relationship and sex advice, they decide to come together to form an undercover business at school.

Based in a strange reality of 80s, 90s, and 00s clothing and music, it’s a myriad of nostalgia for people of all ages. Battling the world of teen romance, angst, friendships, bullying, sexuality, and more, this is truly one to watch. I think we can all agree, we could have all done with this type of Sex Education in our teen years.

3. American Horror Story

If you’re a horror lover, like me, this is the perfect choice. It provides a true scare, a lot of gore, and some crazy stories, dreamt up by some of the big names in Hollywood. Each series is a different story, from a creepy asylum, to a morbid freak show, to a presidential cult… the list goes on.

Touching on real life stories from the past, alongside completely fictional characters, our actors return again and again as new people each series. It’s an intriguingly horrific mixture of everything a horror film entails, and more. I have to say, the story lines are gripping enough to make you want to watch more every time.

I adore this series, so would be happy to provide a more in-depth breakdown for anyone interested. So, if you fancy a list of each American Horror Story series, from my favourite to my least favourite, comment down below.

4. Black Mirror

In a similar way to AHS, Black Mirror surrounds itself around a number of different stories, except this time, each episode is a different story line. The series touches upon fiction in the most realistic way possible; a future or parallel universe to our own. With the focus on technology that is so potentially possible, it’s a scary insight into how our world could be run by tech.

The one problem with this show is that some episodes are most certainly better than others. So, if you’d like a blog post of my top Black Mirror episodes, then comment down below. You won’t regret watching some of my favourites; they’re truly terrifying and eye-opening, all at once.

This birds-eye view of a table makes me think of Black Mirror

5. After Life

This Ricky Gervais favourite has received amazing acclaim, across the board. It surrounds the story of a bereaved widower, whose wife has died of cancer, and follows the ways in which he tries to go through life, or not, without her.

As he struggles through his grief, he meets some unlikely friends and situations along the way. Could these people change his view on life? If you’re looking for a relatable story, that’s a true heart warmer, this is the one for you.

6. You

So far, You has consisted of two seasons of Joe (Penn Badgley) stalking women who he is dating. The story is narrated by the voice of Joe, which makes you feel an unwanted empathy for the psycho killer and stalker.

He’s almost the perfect boyfriend on the surface, whilst meanwhile destroying his girlfriends’ lives behind the scenes. This way, they can truly be his. For a story a bit like Dexter, where you feel almost sorry for the killer, this is the one for you. Pardon the pun…

7. How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby, a true romantic, spends the entire nine series telling the story of how he met his wife to his two children, who are all grown up. He tells of how him his four best friends grew into true adults during their 20s and early 30s.

If you’re looking for an easy watch to dip in and out of, this is the choice for you. With twists, turns, and an unexpected ending, it’s comedy, emotion, and romance, rolled into one.

A boat with the Breaking Bad logo on the side

8. Breaking Bad

Walter White is a chemistry school teacher, who is working multiple jobs to make ends meet for him, his wife, and his son with cerebral palsy. On finding out that he has lung cancer, he decides to take an unlikely swerve in life to ensure his family are supported when he’s gone.

Teaming up with his ex-pupil, Jesse Pinkman, they work together to form the best crystal meth on the market. With White’s chemistry background, they truly succeed. But, what neither of them bargain for is all the drama, and even deaths, that come with their new business venture.

As they rake in the millions, they face angry drug lords, ruthless partners, drug overdoses, poison, and more. Will their business tear their lives apart?

9. The Crown

This series focuses on the life of our dear beloved Queen Elizabeth II. It’s a truly eye-opening biographical series, focusing on the ups and downs of a Queen who didn’t really want to be Queen in the first place.

Battling her fathers’ death, the alleged marital transgressions of her husband, an alcoholic sister who’s better at her job than she is, the Queen has sure had her fair share. If you want to discover more about how our Queen got where she is now, with some drama and intrigue along the way, this is a truly great watch.

10. Orange is the New Black

Finally, a series which I have to say I gave up on, but was certainly good while it lasted, is Orange is the New Black. This follows the story of Piper, who is a successful woman who ends up in a woman’s jail for a small transgression.

She is greeted inside by women who have committed drug related or violent crimes. Navigating the ways of prison life, she makes unlikely friends, and certainly some foes, along the way. She attempts prison business ventures, triggers romances, old and new, and certainly ruffles some feathers. For action, romance, emotion, and more, all this is rolled into this Netflix series.

Someone touching the bars on their prison cell

Do You Agree?

So, have you been persuaded to try out any of these TV series to tide you through these lockdown months? Granted, listening to these summaries might not get you as excited as I am by these shows. But, I think you’ll have to take my word for it, and just give them a go. I can assure you, you won’t regret it!

What do you think of my list of the most obvious best Netflix TV series? Do you agree with my choices, or do you think I missed anything out? Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to hear your recommendations for TV shows I may have scrolled past.

Also, let me know if you haven’t seen some of these, and what you think when you finally give them a go. I hope I’ve inspired you with some new Netflix TV picks!

Seen all of these already? Then stay tuned for some of the more underrated Netflix TV series, that it’s more likely you’ve scrolled right past. I think you may find something new there which could open your eyes to what else is out there!

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  1. Kristina says:

    Ohh i love dexter!! Though I watched it when it used to air on the tv so I watched it sporadically .. i dont think I saw the whole seasons nor anything.

    I’ve been wanting to try out sex education and american horror story but alas.. I didn’t yet 😂🙊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Joanna Journals says:

      I watched Dexter about 4/5 years ago and it’s my favourite!!
      Nows the time to watch them all, girl, you won’t regret it! They’re my top 3 for a reason haha 😂
      Thanks for reading! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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