What to Watch on Netflix UK Part 2: My Top 15 Underrated TV Shows

Still on the prowl for what to watch on Netflix UK during lockdown? In the final part of my Netflix series, we’ll be diving into the best underrated TV shows, which I would highly recommend. Check it out…

Man Watching Netflix on His iPad

Lockdown has now been extended for the foreseeable future, which means only one thing – more Netflix recommendations!

We’ve already taken a look at some of the best films on Netflix UK, as well as the best Netflix series out there, which are pretty obvious choices. So, now for some less obvious series choices for your perusal…

Below are my top 15 Netflix series which I absolutely adored watching, but that may be a little less known, especially amongst people my age. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into my list of underrated TV shows!

Top 15 Underrated Netflix Shows

When you browse Netflix UK, it can be a little overwhelming, as there’s just so much choice! I know I spend hours scrolling and scrolling, without much success.

So, I’ve done the hard work for you with my list of the best TV series to watch. But, not just the best… the most underrated Netflix shows. Ready, or not, here we go!

1. The Durrells

Starting with my favourite of my top 15 underrated Netflix shows is this lovely family program, perfect for the summer months. Set in late 1930s Corfu, the Durrell family move from dreary pre-war London to the sunny isles of Corfu.

The family, made up of three brothers, a sister, and their mother, who’s a widow, are all oddballs in their own way. Hence the reason they move; the London way of life just doesn’t suit this family of misfits.

We have the oldest boy, Larry, who’s an aspiring writer, and the second boy, Lesley, not very apt at anything in particular, but always ends up in scrapes. Next, we have the only girl, Margo, who is pretty much obsessed with finding a boyfriend, and the youngest of them all, Gerry. He prefers animals to people, and spends his time collecting them for zoological studies in their Corfu home.

When they arrive in Greece, the home is pretty run down, and they require a lot of work to make money; living off the land. Meeting many friendly Grecians along the way, they soon make a home in this lovely corner of the world. The series follows them getting up to mischief, making friends, falling in love, losing loved ones, and more…

2. Anne with an ‘E’

Anne with an ‘E’ is based on the stories of Anne of Green Gables, and is another of my favourites. This is an extremely feel-good series, about a young orphan girl in 18th to 19th century Canada, who is adopted by brother and sister, Marilla and Matthew Cutherbert. After living their lives, they feel they could do with an extra someone to care for, and Anne does not disappoint.

Both Cuthberts are pretty taken aback by Anne’s outlandish ways; she’s boisterous, adventurous, and is absolutely in awe of the world around her. Her love of the beauty of nature is infectious, and her childish ways mean she makes a number of friends along the way.

Of course, many in the area are not so welcoming of Anne’s strange character, that goes against the status quo. But, she doesn’t stop being unapologetically herself, which is why she’s such a lovable heroine. Follow her story, as she finds friendships, loves, and even saves lives. She shows us all that being odd is the best way to live.

This leaf in a forest in Canada shoes exactly the sort of nature that Anne with an 'E' would enjoy

3. Russian Doll

When I first saw the cover of this on Netflix, I was not even drawn to watch the trailer. My first impression was that it’d be an action series, for some reason. However, one rainy weekend, we finally read the synopsis, and decided to give it a go.

We weren’t disappointed, and ended up watching the whole thing in one weekend! Our main character, Nadia, isn’t having the best time during her birthday party in New York, and ends up escaping for a breath of fresh air. But, as luck would have it, she ends up being killed on this fateful night.

But, when she awakens back where she started – in her bathroom during her birthday again – she finds herself in a Groundhog Day” style loop. In every new lifetime, after dying, she wakes up again back where she started. What is this strange thing that’s happening, and who can help her escape this purgatory-esque doom?

4. Alias Grace

This was another that I always scrolled past, and finally gave the time of day. Based on true events, Grace Marks, a young, Irish domestic worker in Canada, has been convicted of the murder of her employer and the housekeeper. This fate leaves her with a life sentence in prison, until Dr. Simon Jordan, a psychologist, comes to interrogate her on her story.

Recounting the horrors she encountered in service, which led her into the employment of her final home, Grace takes Simon through her strange life. Filled with death, infection, love, loss, and more, this is a great show, which draws you in from the beginning.

5. Mad Men

Based in 1960s America, Donald Draper is a successful advertising whizz on Madison Avenue. Back home, he leaves his beautiful wife, and two children, while he works til night, wining and dining clients like old friends. He drinks, he sleeps with other women; he’s the stereotypical American businessman of that time.

But, will his seemingly perfect life remain that way? Or will his past come back to haunt him? And will the office adapt to the changing times, allowing the strong women within the story to have their say?

A picture of the skyline of the city of New York

6. Derek

This Ricky Gervais classic is a fantastic show, which I originally thought would be a pile of rubbish, to be honest! I was sorely mistaken…

Derek is a carer at an old peoples’ home, and his simple ways – probably due to a special need of some sort – makes him the perfect companion to these elderly residents. Every day is another day at the home, and may seem mundane.

That said, Derek’s view on life, much like Anne, is infectious, and you instantly fall in love with his character, from the get-go. We see him explore the world, meet new people, and even come up against lost loved ones. I laughed, I cried, and I became an immense fan of Karl Pilkington along the way.

7. The Politician

Based in modern America, this is a high-school drama surrounding the story of Payton Hobart, a rich school senior whose dream is to become the US President. The way to get there? Become Class President, of course. This way, he can secure his future at Harvard, and rise to fulfill his destiny.

But, when the race to gain favour from other students starts to become a little too real for anyone’s liking, will his dream crumble? With the help of his friends, his public image is carefully crafted, including his loves and losses. Will he succeed, or will his future end in tatters?

8. Doctor Foster

This is more of a real-life drama, based around a happily married Doctor who discovers, through text messages, that her husband has been having an affair. Little does he know that she’s figured out his secret, and she does everything she can to destroy his life. Will her plans for revenge end in success, or will her life crumble around her?

These pills represent the three pills, A, B, and C in the TV show, Maniac

9. Maniac

This is one that you really need to give a bit of time to before you get engrossed. The first episode was strange, I must admit, and was a little hard to follow. But, once I understood what was happening, this future world took a Black Mirror style turn.

Two characters, from varying backgrounds, end up becoming part of a drug trial, consisting of drugs labeled A, B, and C. They must take each drug, under supervision, and we become part of their other-worldly dreams. These dreams, involving their real-life friends and family, and sometimes each other, are almost real.

Are they dreaming the same dream? Are these dreams another reality? Will the drugs cure their feelings about their troubled pasts, as promised?

10. Fresh Meat

This is a pretty easy watch, and is based around a house of students who rock up for their first year of uni. Meeting first as strangers, and later becoming a pretty dysfunctional group of friends, our main characters tackle their first-year university woes. It’s funny, and very relatable; definitely one for anyone missing their uni days.

11. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch, a skilled lawyer from New York, is tired of her life, after receiving a much-earned promotion. Then, after bumping into her ex-boyfriend from years ago, she decides this is the sign she needs, and follows him back to LA.

Here, she tries everything to win him back, and finds new loves, and much more, along the way. It becomes clear that Rebecca is actually suffering from a severe mental illness, requiring medication. But, when she doesn’t take this medication, every situation she lands herself in ends up in a make-believe musical sketch, which all goes on in her own head.

Certainly entertaining for us; the audience, that’s for sure! Follow her on her path to love… or not.

12. Dead to Me

Jen’s husband has recently died in a hit-and-run accident, and her polar opposite, the free spirit Judy, has also suffered a loss. The two meet one another at a support group, and instantly bond. So much so, that Judy ends up moving into the out-house on Jen’s property.

But, when secrets are revealed, Jen becomes worried that Judy isn’t who she seems to be. Will their friendship last the tests to come?

This picture of a car driving in the middle of a road represents the hit and run in Dead to Me

13. Zumbo’s Just Desserts

If you like The Great British Bake-Off then you’ll love this. It’s an Australian version, but is much more glam and garish, making you feel as though you’re in a magical world of baking. It’s a cooking show, so we have contestants who are battling it out to win the crown with their wild and wonderful desserts.

14. Insatiable

This got a lot of interest when it was first released, but this interest petered off almost as soon as it came. That’s not to say that it’s not an interesting watch!

Patty Bladell was once a fat and bullied teenager, who suffers from a broken jaw and ends up having her jaw wired shut. With months of eating liquids through a straw, she loses all the weight, and seeks revenge on everyone who ever bullied her. She does so by working her ass off to become the local Beauty Queen.

But, this new, thinner body doesn’t mask the unhappiness underneath. She still struggles with food every day of her life, and we see her tackle her high school struggles with all this in the background. The show, much like Sex Education, covers a lot, including sexuality, parental relationships with children, affairs, mental illness, and more!

15. Skins

Our last, but not least, option may be a little dated, but definitely hits the spot for anyone looking for a binge-able series. Every couple of series is based around a group of teenage friends who are enjoying their final years at school, in sixth-form. Each new group has some sort of link to the old, but they can’t stay at school forever, which is why we change from group to group.

Throughout the series, we see a number of varying personalities, grappling with becoming adults in a cruel world. They take drugs, drink a lot of alcohol, and sometimes, their lives spiral out of control. So, if you want a show which reminds you that you wasted your teenage years studying for exams, then this is the one for you!

This image of 5 teenagers walking along a road represents the characters in Skins

Are You Now Inspired by What to Watch on Netflix UK?

Is there anything there you’ve watched and loved, just as much as me? Or is there anything there you scrolled past many a time, without giving it the time of day? Perhaps you’re inspired to watch them now?

Let me know in the comments below; I always love to hear your thoughts.

Also, if you finally do give any of these a watch, I’d love to hear your thoughts too. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for lockdown entertainment!

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