Moving to a New City: Moving House and Becoming a Top 50 Bristol Blog

Moving to a new city can seem daunting, but it’s really not as scary as it may seem. For my moving house story, and my take on getting a change of scenery, take a look…

Road in Bristol

As many of you may know already, I moved to Bristol around nine months ago. Having moved here from Cardiff, it wasn’t very far to go, but there was a lot of change that came with it! From a new job, to moving in with my boyfriend, to coming out of uni and into the working world, there was a lot of new stuff to take in.

I was ready for this change. Four years in one place is quite a long time, when you’re a young adult. So, it was time for a fresh start.

Moving to Bristol was a fantastic opportunity to get a job I dreamed of, and to get a taste of what being an adult is all about. So, to hear my experiences about moving to a new city, and how to make the best of it, read on…

My Story to Set the Scene…

Firstly, you’ll be wanting to know what my tips and tricks for moving house are. Well, in all honesty, we didn’t have the most sophisticated way of doing things. I’ll paint a picture…

My tenancy in Cardiff ended in June, and Josh’s (my boyfriend) ended in August. So, if I moved in with him, this gave us around two months to find somewhere to live. By this point, I already had my job in Bristol, so I was commuting from Cardiff every day.

So, while I was commuting every day, Josh was scouring Rightmove for somewhere to rent. Meanwhile, all of our belongings were scattered all over the shop:

  • At my home in Buckinghamshire;
  • At Josh’s home near Swansea;
  • And in our shared apartment in Cardiff.

This meant that, when the time came to finally move out, we required plenty of manpower, and multiple trips to get everything in one place. But, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy getting on the housing market in Bristol.

We were just looking to rent, and most places were over the £1000 a month mark, for two bedroom apartments! In the end, we really struck lucky, and now live in a more-than-comfortable three bedroom semi-detached home, with a large garden. I won’t give you exact numbers but we’re paying less than the number above… I know right!

So, we found our dream home to rent, and moved in on 1st August. But what did I find worked really well when it came to getting everything from A to B?

Bristol Harbourside

Moving House Tips and Tricks

It’s not easy to move house; people just assume you hire a moving van, and the removal men and women get to it. Well, I can assure you, in the real world, it’s never like that. Instead, it’s a case of getting any family members or friends to help you out, while you piece together some sort of shoddy action plan.

So, with this in mind… what did we find worked well for us?

1. Packing Up

Although we didn’t have any real rhyme or reason, I think the best way to pack everything up is with some sort of order. Label your boxes as you go, and try and make everything as small as possible, to maximise space.

For example, when packing away your clothes, don’t just scrunch them all up; fold them as you go, to make enough room for them all. Also, make sure that you don’t put too many heavy things in the same box. The boxes need to be liftable, so you can carry them from place to place easily. Just use your initiative for this part, and make it as easy for your future self as possible!

2. Hire a Vehicle

Especially when there’s two of you, it can be tricky to get everything into one car, like you would normally do for uni. So, instead, we hired a big, white moving house van. This way, we could fit pretty much everything in, including furniture, crockery, bedding, and clothes.

3. Go Online for Second-Hand Furniture

When we moved house, we had no sofas, which is obviously a key essential to any home. We went online, using Facebook groups to help us out, and found that there was cheap furniture across the board! Sofas, nester tables, the lot, some even for free! This is a great place to start to get cheap furniture, that’s absolutely full of character.

4. Set Up a Credit Card

If you have the ability to, set up a credit card. If you’re relatively financially stable, but don’t have enough money to buy furniture outright, this is a good tip. We actually set up a card on Tesco finances, which requires no interest, and is a pretty easy one to get a yes for.

Back when we moved in, we purchased items of furniture that we knew would be needed for years to come. So, we got a Dreams bed, two IKEA wardrobes, two IKEA chests-of-drawers, and two bedside drawers as well. This way, we could buy furniture that all matched, and would also be fantastic for our future home.

We continue to use this card, paying it back monthly, for items we know will be of long-term use, for example, we recently bought a sofa bed. We pay this off monthly, just as though it were a tax, and it means we have a really comfortable home, right off the bat.

5. Be Flexible

At the end of the day, you may have to make multiple trips back and forth between your homes to get all your stuff to the new place. It’s not ideal but, if you’re anything like us, we’re both young, pretty much fresh out of uni, and don’t have the liberty of spending a fortune on vehicles and storage. So, if you really want this new change, you’ll have to do things that are out-of-the-ordinary.

Bristol V-Shed

5 Top Tips for Moving to a New City Alone

Okay, so we’ve talked about the moving house bit, now it’s time to discuss the new city bit. Although we didn’t move alone – we had each other – we ended up working in completely different areas in Bristol, so we each had to forge a new life outside of the norm. So, for my top tips for moving to a new city, stay tuned…

1. Say Yes to Everything

Okay, okay, maybe not everything. However, if you don’t say yes to drinks after work, or meals at lunch, you’ll never get to know the city, or make friends!

I found that, by taking walks with people outside during lunch, and going for drinks on a Friday after work, I made some fantastic friends. I also know the city centre pretty well now, so can navigate around – despite my poor bearings – and can take you to the best lunch spots!

2. Go to Networking Events

There are sites and apps online for networking events, whether they be professional or social. This way, you can meet like-minded people, who might have similar interests to you.

For example, meetup is a fantastic site that shows you events in the area to go to. They’re free, informative, and full of new faces to get you acquainted with people of similar interests.

3. Start a Sport

This one might not be for everyone, but it can be a really great way to meet new people. For example, a friend of mine spoke about some salsa classes that they had going on in Bristol. Or, you could join a gym or yoga class, and this way, you can meet people who have a similar sporting interest to you! You can’t really go wrong there…

4. Walk Everywhere

Okay, this may not be possible for everyone, especially if you don’t live near the hot spots. That said, if you walk everywhere, or even just take public transport, you’ll be taken through all the busy spots. This way, you can really get to know the area.

If you’re really adventurous, you could even pay attention to what’s going on outside, and hop off the bus at a busy location to get a feel for the area. Obviously, if it looks dangerous, don’t do this, but if it looks vibrant, you might find some real gems along the way!

5. Organise Things

Although it may seem daunting, don’t be afraid to organise drinks or activities with your new friends. The likelihood is, they could be in a similar position to you anyway! Many millennials and Gen-Z-ers choose to move somewhere new, and if your new friends are young, you may find that they’re in need of new friends too.

Just try not to be afraid to put yourself out there too much, and you should hopefully thrive in this new setting!

Bristol Suspension Bridge

Moving House to a New City Has Never Been Easier…

So, those are my top tips for not only moving house, but moving to a new city too. Of course, this won’t be easy, and if you’re not used to big changes like this, you may find it pretty daunting.

That said, it’s clear that you wouldn’t have moved to this new city without a reason; maybe you craved an adventure, or just wanted a change of scenery? Either way, you had the confidence to step out of your comfort zone… now embrace it!

The best way to do this is to just put yourself out there, and who knows what you may find. For me, I found many new friends, who I meet up with regularly, and I think they’ll be friends for many years to come.

Oh, and the top 50 Bristol bloggers thing? Well, now that I’ve moved here, I’m now number 43 on a list of Bristol’s best bloggers! How about that, eh?

Have you recently moved house or moved to a new city, and have any pearls of wisdom to add? I’m no expert, so I’d love to get a discussion going in the comments down below. Thank you for reading!

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