INTJ Personality Type: are Architects the Real Life Villains?

After taking the Myers-Briggs personality test, I discovered I was the INTJ personality type. But what is this, how accurate is the test, and do I encourage you to take it yourself?

A crowd of people, signifying the amount of different personality types out there

One day at work, my Director told me to complete the 16-Personalities test, to discover which, out of these types, I fell under. I love things like this, so I was happy to oblige, and was very intrigued by my discoveries.

It’s said that a team made up of a variety of these personality types, which can balance one another out, makes for a brilliant workplace. Hence why my Director has had all of his employees take it; to ensure we can all work as effectively together, and support one another, as much as possible.

So, after taking the test, I discovered I was an INTJ, or an Architect. Here, I’ll be delving into the personality traits of an Architect in more detail. So, to discover more about this personality test, the Architects among you, and how accurate this was to my personality, read on…

What is the Myers-Briggs Test?

According to studies, the human race are split up into 16 personalities, which are made up of a mixture of different traits. These range from:

  • Introverted (I) to Extroverted (E): focusing on your inner or outer world.
  • Sensing (S) to Intuition (N): focusing on basic information, or adding meaning and interpretation to it.
  • Thinking (T) to Feeling (F): making decisions logically, or taking into account people along the way.
  • Judging (J) to Perceiving (P): deciding things outright, or being open to new options.

After taking the test, which asks you a number of questions about how you would fare in a number of different situations, you are then categorised. So, if you are more introverted, like me, you are given an I, if you are more intuitive, like me, an N, and so on…

In creating this test, which so accurately assigns people to a character type, you can more easily and effectively work together as a team.

INTJ Personality Traits

The INTJ personality is made up of the combination of being introverted, intuitive, as well as thinking and judging, rather than relying on their feelings. This means that they have the following traits, above others:

  • Enjoy spending time alone, and aren’t afraid of being alone for long periods of time.
  • Always thinking in terms of the bigger picture, and where your actions will lead you in the end.
  • Enjoy seeking knowledge, and exploring new ideas.
  • More likely to follow their head rather than their heart.
  • Are rational, and think about everything they do in an organised and methodical manner.
  • Their philosophical views are complicated, and don’t conform to general religious views of the world.
  • Get bored with repetitive and mundane tasks.
  • Often have a lot of complex thinking behind everything they believe and say.
  • Can foresee outcomes ahead of time, which makes them very goal driven, always working towards something new.
  • They are perfectionists, and often strive to get better and better at what they do; always looking for avenues of self-improvement.
  • Constantly looking to enrich their mind with new information.
  • They enjoy being intellectually challenged, and are very analytical.
  • They don’t conform to highly structured environments, so are not restricted by other peoples’ views on them. This means they often dress, act, and think as they please.
  • Are prone to following their intuition and gut rather than their emotions and feelings.
  • Value personal achievements to be one of their highest callings in life.
  • Are hard workers, and are very determined to succeed in everything they do.
  • Like to do their best in things they find interesting, but if they’re not interested, they care little.
  • They are open-minded, and enjoy discovering new thoughts and ideas which put their own preconceived ideas at odds.
  • They have high standards and expectations, for themselves, and those around them.

Architects are one of the rarest types, making up a mere two percent of the population! The INTJ female is actually the rarest breed, alongside the ENTJ, with only 0.8 percent of women conforming to this personality type! Let’s get to know the Architect a little more in depth…

A picture of a woman holding a book as she reads

INTJ Children and Teenagers

Architect children can seem strange, especially to their parents, who may encourage them to play outside with friends. However, an INTJ would rather spend time to themselves, reading, and exploring the world around them.

INTJ children find that other children tend to be nonintellectual, so would much rather talk to the adults in the room, to build their knowledge. But, this can lead them to struggle with social interaction in some ways, at a later date.

Going to school is a social construct that they don’t particularly like to conform to, and they hate to study subjects they dislike. But, they usually succeed well at school, using it as a stepping stone for the overall picture of achieving a successful career.

Unfortunately, INTJs tend to recognise they’re differences to those around them, which could cause self-confidence problems at a young age. Not fitting in is something that might be a struggle throughout life, but these challenges mean that Architects grow up to become very self-assured, with little regard for what others think of them.

INTJ Relationships

Architects have a small circle, and don’t maintain a large group of friends. This is because they rarely bother with situations or activities that involve socialising, as this often involves small talk.

But, when they let themselves go to friendships and romantic partners, they are often trusting individuals who can show deep affection. Nothing, for them, is on the surface; if they show affection, the Architect truly means it.

But, there’s a lot more to it than that. Take a look…

A group of friends enjoying the setting sun, as they pose for the camera

INTJ Friendships

Due to the high standards INTJs have on everyone around them, they find it more difficult than others to maintain friendships. This is because, if they feel someone isn’t on their level emotionally or intellectually, this can put an end to a friendship with an INTJ.

This may seem a little inhuman, however, these standards are purely based on the friend’s ability to engage with the Architect well. Architects hate small talk, gossip, and fickle people, so they truly value the friendships they have if they meet this criteria. So, if you can provide a deep emotional and intellectual connection for an INTJ, then you’re in for a really strong friendship.

This means that the INTJ surrounds themselves with a small group of close friends who they see as intellectual equals. Being able to hold a conversation with someone, that is interesting, fulfilling, and full of learning is extremely important. But, if you’re looking for comfort, your Architect friend is probably not your best bet.

Overall, though, having too many friends can get in the way of an Architect’s freedom and independence. So, they’d rather sacrifice popularity for this. However, when an Architect finds themselves among friends they respect, they will really become themselves, and relax.

INTJ Romantic Relationships

Just like with everything else in life, the INTJ tends to choose their romantic partner based on the goal of achieving a healthy relationship. If their chosen partner meets their expectations of another half, they should make the perfect match for them.

According to studies, the INTJ personality doesn’t fall madly in love, like others. But, that doesn’t mean that the love they feel isn’t deep and ingrained in their core. When an Architect chooses someone to live their life with – in friends and relationships – they truly feel connected to this person.

Just like their friendships, they value an intellectual equal; someone that can challenge their idea and beliefs in debates and meaningful conversations. This means that other Architects make a great match for one another.

Architects are also balanced out by people with opposite traits to them, for example, extroversion or feeling. Generally, their indifference to finding a match makes them most attractive to the people around them.

To an Architect, honesty is the best policy, so they will be open and direct with their feelings. That said, they don’t like to discuss their emotions, so this can put a spanner in the works, for sure.

Due to their high expectations, finding a romantic partner that suits them can become one of their greatest struggles. If they are shot down too many times, they can soon shut themselves off, deciding that no one will come up to their intellectual level. This is one of the INTJ’s weaknesses; when cynicism sets in, it can be difficult to reel it back.

A silhouette of a couple holding hands as they face a sunset

INTJ Career Matches

Due to the goal-driven nature of the INTJ, Architects are very determined, and are able to succeed in almost anything they put their mind to. This means that the world really is their oyster. Doing something they know and love is where their true abilities will shine.

Many of the job roles that INTJs find themselves in are strategic, and require an organised and methodical approach to achieve it. This is due to their ability to find logical and creative solutions to any problem. So, some of the key careers for Architect personality types include:

INTJs often like their ideas to be heard, so they prefer to work alone, where these ideas will be acknowledged. Any ingenuous colleagues, who don’t pull their weight, will lose the Architect’s respect pretty quickly.

A job that requires progress, challenge, and growth is the best type of role for an INTJ. They inherently look for the next milestone at every step of the way, so they will likely make loyal, hard-working employees if they can continually develop.

This is what will also make them great leaders too. They like to handle the strategic tasks, whilst their subordinates tackle the more short-term tasks. But, just as they expect from their own leaders, they will allow their team to get on with things with freedom.

For them, there’s always a “right way” to do something. You can trust your Architect colleagues to discover this way.

Generally, their ability to succeed in anything makes them a brilliant candidate for almost any career. With their interchangeable skills and will to succeed, as long as they are respected and heard, they make great employees. If their leaders don’t micromanage, and let them get on with it, that’s where they’ll thrive best.

INTJ Parents

Throughout their lives, Architects will struggle with approaching children and babies. This is because their will to surround themselves with intellectual equals means kids don’t quite fit the bill.

However, with their own children, who they see as a project to complete, they are willing to invest the time to help them learn. This means that they won’t mollycoddle their children, and will allow them to make their own decisions, and find their own way.

Although they may struggle to help their kids cope with their own emotions, they can provide sound and logical advice to combat this. Speaking openly to their kids is the only way they know how, so any problems or mistakes become ways to self-improve.

A woman sat on a bench with her children, overlooking a ravine with a bridge

The Villains of the World: How do Others View the Architect?

Architects can appear be very serious people, often wrapped up in thoughts. However, once you get to know them, they are truly capable of being fun and vibrant individuals.

Oftentimes, the way they react to questions and situations may seem blunt, which can easily offend people. This is mainly due to their self-assured manner; they believe in everything they say, and are confident in their own abilities and intelligence.

To many, this can seem arrogant, especially as they have no qualms with pointing out that someone is wrong if what they’re saying doesn’t make any logical sense. However, again, this is the self-assured nature they have in their own ability to relay factual and logical information to those around them.

Generally, don’t be fooled by the Architect’s cold and blunt nature. Inside, they have emotions which they don’t show on the surface. You just need to dig deep to find them.

INTJ Famous People

Everyone has got to have a personality type, even celebrities! Interestingly, some famous people with the same type of personality as me include:

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Jane Austen
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Isaac Newton
  • Augustus Caesar
  • Angela Landsbury
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Stephen Hawking

What’s more, there are a number of fictional characters who also fit this personality type too, including:

  • Walter White
  • Mr. Darcy
  • Gus Fring
  • Moriarty
  • Petyr Baelish

INTJ Personality Type Summary

Generally, us architects are high-achievers, with a career-driven mindset, and clear set goals in life. In all relationships, we’re quick to decide whether we vibe with someone or not. Once they lose our respect, they are unlikely to gain it again.

We don’t fall deeply and madly in love, like some other types. Instead, we enjoy the comfort and routine of having someone we can enjoy life with. What’s more, we don’t cling to meek friendships, after all, a friend to all is a friend to none.

When in their element, you’ll see the Architect thrive. Let them get on with it, and they’re likely to get the job done.

A desk, covered in plants, notebooks, paperclips, pens, and a computer

What Personality Type are You?

So, there we have it; the Myers-Briggs description of me. I personally found this to be extremely accurate. I almost wish I’d discovered this sooner, as it would’ve put my mind at ease about a number of things in my life.

If you decide to take the personality test, I’d love to hear about your findings in the comments below!

Who else found that their personality type was truly an accurate representation of themselves? Anyone who knows me personally; do you think this is an accurate representation of me? Let’s get a conversation going down below!

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