5 Makeup Ideas You’ve Never Heard Before…

Want to know some of my go-to makeup ideas and tips to make your face look better than ever? For a natural glow with every makeup look, read on…

A collection of makeup, including highlighter, glitter, mascara, and lipgloss, on a pink surface

I’m sure you can all think of a number of makeup ideas and tips you’ve heard over time, which you live by. Things like always brushing your eyebrows upwards, and adding highlighter to your inner corners to bring the look together.

But, what about the simpler stuff? We have become so wrapped up in creating new and creative looks – which are amazing, for sure – that we’re neglecting some of the basics.

So, whether you’re a beginner to makeup and need some foundations to get you started, or you’re a fanatic and just need to strip it back to the basics, you came to the right place. For some of my top makeup tips I’ve learnt over time, and use almost daily, read on…

1. Leave Bottom Lashes Clean for a Natural Look

My daily makeup look, which is simple and easy and takes a matter of 5 minutes, consists of eyebrows, concealer, powder, mascara and eyeliner. But, I’m not talking a dramatic liquid eyeliner flick. Instead, I’m talking about using a pencil eyeliner to create a darker lower lash line.

What do I mean?

Well, for someone like me, who has fair hair, my eyelashes are pretty thin, and aren’t dark. So, wearing mascara is something I do everyday. But, just a dab of mascara makes all the difference.

When I’m doing my natural look each morning, I’ve discovered that wearing mascara on the bottom lashes can look a little harsh. So, instead, I just cover my upper lashes with mascara, and use a brown or black eyeliner to don the outer part of my lower lash line.

I draw the line on and, if it looks too harsh, I smudge it in a little with my finger. Not only does this sort of application open your eyes up, as you’re not covering the whole of your lower lash line, it also frames your eyes nicely. Using this instead of mascara for the lower lashes creates a really even and natural look.

2. Strategic Upper Lash Coverage

Another great tip for this natural, quick morning look is to be strategic with where you brush the mascara on your upper lashes. I have round eyes, which means, when I’m not sporting my thick cat-eye, I like to make my eyes look more elongated.

A good way to do this is to brush mascara onto your upper lashes, focusing on the end furthest away from your nose. Think about those fluttery fake lashes you’ve always dreamed of having…

Once you’ve elongated those further lashes, you can tidy up the other lashes using the tip of the mascara wand. This way, you end up with long fluttery lashes at the end, and a dark hint on the rest.

3. Don’t Throw Away Used Makeup Wipes

One of my go-to makeup tips, which I’ve been doing since I can remember, is keeping hold of partially used makeup wipes. Say you weren’t wearing much makeup, and used a wipe to remove what little you had on, but don’t want to waste the wipe? Sustainability first, after all, so here’s your solution…

My top tip for this is to put your partially-used makeup wipe aside and leave it to dry. Over night, it’ll probably become as dry as a bone, but its usage has really just begun!

Now, when you’re applying your makeup each morning, mistakes can be fixed with ease! Whether you’ve messed up your eyeshadow, or you sneeze with mascara on, simply wet an area of the dry wipe, and use it to clean up. It really is as simple as that; I find it helps immensely when you just can’t get your cat-eye right.

Someone holding a batch of dried makeup wipes in front of all their makeup

4. Mix Foundations

One of my most creative makeup ideas for creating a flawless look is to mix foundations together. What do I mean by that?

Well, a while ago, I tried two different foundations; the Maybelline Superstay Foundation and the Revolution Fastbase Foundation Stick. Both of them were great foundations, but they weren’t perfect:

  • Superstay was a little too dark, and didn’t spread around the face very well, but was a pretty good finish.
  • Fastbase was pretty full coverage, but was a little too thick and light for my skin.

So, I decided to mix them together, as I felt the colours would balance one another out. This worked exactly as I’d planned, but even better! The colours became the perfect match, and the texture became perfect for my skin.

Ever since, this has been my go-to foundation! So, if you’re having trouble finding something that suits your skin, don’t go straight for the expensive stuff. Instead, head to the high-street and mix-and-match.

5. Upwards Lotion Application

This was something my mum taught me to do, and her mum taught her to do also. I’m not old enough to know whether this really does work or not, but I stick by this, now I’ve started using products on my face.

The tip is, when you’re applying moisturiser to your face, apply it to your neck as well, and use an upwards motion with your hands towards your jawline. According to my mum, this is supposed to tighten up the skin around your neck and jaw, so you don’t end up with saggy skin there when you’re old!

A collection of moisturisers, including La Roche Posay, Nip + Fab, and Mac

Makeup Ideas Made Easy…

So, there we have it; my top five makeup ideas for easy, simple and natural looks. These aren’t, by any means, groundbreaking, but they may just help you to strip it all back to the foundations.

Big, bold looks are always fun to put together but, on most days, looking as natural as possible, and getting a quick look done each morning, is the priority. So, these simple tips should help you to simplify your makeup application each morning. Simplest is sometimes best, and these tips should help you to look natural, young, and beautiful.

Have any other top makeup tips to add that you swear by? Or, do you think you’ll be giving any of these simple makeup ideas a try with your next morning makeup routine? I’d love to know in the comments below!

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