Meet the Joanna Journals Book Club Members and Get Involved

Meet the Joanna Journals book club! We’re pleased to introduce ourselves, and hope that you read along with us…

As you may already know, I started a book club! Because of this, I’ve decided to create a designated section on my blog for this fantastic hobby…

Here, you’ll find reviews on all the books we’ve read, as well as an insight into what book we’re reading each month, and which book we’re planning on reading next. I hope this will give you guys the opportunity to get to know us, so that perhaps you will join us on our book club journey. I also hope it’ll provide some light entertainment along the way.

So, to introduce our book club members, I asked them all various questions about themselves. I thought this would be a great way to get to know us all, including some of our likes, dislikes, and character traits. Let’s get right into it…

Joanna – the Book Club Leader

  • Age: 23
  • Personality type: INTJ Architect (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
  • Defining features of your personality type: one of the rarest personality types, a bit of an oddball, very motivated at subjects I enjoy, have high standards for myself and others, and follow my head rather than my heart.
  • Best feature: my big, green eyes
  • Best character trait: determined
  • Worst character trait: not particularly empathetic
  • Best habit: making my bed every morning
  • Worst habit: constantly checking my symptoms online, but never booking a Dr’s appointment, or not replying to people’s texts/calls.
  • One word your friends would use to describe you: I asked my friends, and they all said things like enthusiastic, stylish, productive, motivated, ambitious, organised. The overarching decision, however, was independent, as I’m not afraid to follow my own lead, rather than follow the crowd.
  • Three words you would use to describe yourself: Feminist, Go-Getter, Individual
  • Favourite colour: pink
  • Favourite clothing item: culottes
  • Favourite beauty product: mascara
  • Favourite food: pulled meat burritos
  • Favourite sweet: those thick, short strawberry cables with sugar over them that you get in pick’n’mixes
  • Favourite music genre: anything I can sing along to, be it old charts music, 80s songs, or musicals. I also love film music; instrumental music is the only sort of music that really invokes emotion in me.
  • Favourite film genre: horror or comedy
  • Favourite film: I have so many, as I’m a self-proclaimed film buff, but most people who know me will tell you it’s probably Stardust. That said, some classics which I also adore include Jaws, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, and more.
  • Favourite book genre: I have a few favourites, but I would say love historical fiction or mystery/crime/thriller books best. For me, though, I find I enjoy anything with a relatively slow plot, that takes me through the daily life of an individual day-by-day.
  • Favourite book: Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier
  • Favourite author: Daphne du Maurier

Why Did You Want to Start Book Club?

Reading has always been one of my favourite past times, and I’ve recently gotten back into it, and have realised how much I adore it. However, recently I’ve been reading books which had such brilliant talking points, but no one to share these talking points with.

After coming across the idea from a fellow blogger, I thought a book club would be a way enjoy reading even more! This way, I could share these brilliant talking points with people along the way. I just wanted to share my love for stories with my family, hopefully making this something we do for the rest of our lives, wherever in the world we are.

What Most Excites You About Book Club?

I’m really excited to be able to share the plots and storylines with my family, but I’m also really looking forward to exploring new book genres, more than anything. I think we all have the habit of picking up books that we’re most interested in, which is only natural. That said, this can sometimes put a stopper on any exploration of new genres or tales.

I’m definitely one for doing this, for example, I usually steer clear from non-fiction books, as I like to be immersed in a world of imagination. By encouraging one another to go out of our comfort zone with stories we wouldn’t normally choose, I’m looking forward to enhancing my knowledge in a world of different topics.

What Most Scares You About Book Club?

My hope is that book club becomes part of our lives, and will be something we continue doing for years to come. Because of this, I’m worried that the other book club members will get bored, or stop meeting the book club meeting deadlines, and it’ll trickle away.

I’m also a little worried that book club will hinder me getting through lots of books at a time. Obviously, with any book club, you read a certain amount, and then you stop so you can discuss it at your next meeting. Because of this, I’m having to read two or more books at a time, which I normally wouldn’t do; I’d usually focus on just one book. I’m concerned this will get too much for me to handle, and it’ll hinder my reading capabilities.

What do You Hope to Gain From Book Club?

I hope to never stop reading, so even when my energy to read ceases, I still have that incentive to pick up a book. I also hope to gain as much knowledge as I possibly can from everything around me, and book club will continue to encourage me to do this. Finally, I hope to read books I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards.

Izzy – Book Club Member, and My Younger Sister

  • Age: 21
  • Personality type: Defender
  • Defining features of your personality type: Introverted, observant, feeling and judging
  • Best feature: curly hair
  • Best character trait: empathetic
  • Worst character trait: headstrong, meaning I struggle to see other peoples’ points of view in a spiritual or scientific debate.
  • Best habit: I enjoy cleaning (but not obsessively)
  • Worst habit: I often avoid making my bed
  • One word your friends would use to describe you: goofy (I actually asked and they said this)
  • Three words you would use to describe yourself: caring, nerdy, silly
  • Favourite colour: white
  • Favourite clothing item: crop tops
  • Favourite beauty product: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion
  • Favourite food: pasta or pizza
  • Favourite sweet: strawberry cables
  • Favourite music genre: pop
  • Favourite film genre: chick-flick
  • Favourite film: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
  • Favourite book genre: drama
  • Favourite book: A Thousand Splendid Suns
  • Favourite author: Khaled Hosseini
  • Why Did You Want to Join Book Club? I joined, during lockdown, as an excuse to chat with my sisters/mum every week.
  • What Most Excites You About Book Club? Reading books which I would never normally read. Those who know me know I rarely read at all, so it’s been good for me.
  • What Most Scares You About Book Club? Having to read a whole book which I don’t end up enjoying/understanding.
  • What do You Hope to Gain From Book Club? The desire to read of my own accord, and to be better read in general.

Katherine – Book Club Member, and My Older Sister

  • Age: 25
  • Personality type: Consul i.e. Extraverted, observant, feeling and judging
  • Defining features of your personality type: supportive, outgoing, social, altruistic
  • Best feature: blonde hair
  • Best character trait: trying to see the good in everyone
  • Worst character trait: argumentative/being too honest
  • Best habit: putting my seat belt on and never speeding (not your usual habit but SO many people don’t put their seat belt and/or speed)
  • Worst habit: laziness
  • One word your friends would use to describe you: caring
  • Three words you would use to describe yourself: understanding, caring, honest (not always a good thing)
  • Favourite colour: green
  • Favourite clothing item: green culottes
  • Favourite beauty product: Clinique moisturiser
  • Favourite food: steak
  • Favourite sweet: anything sour
  • Favourite music genre: anything I can sing/dance to
  • Favourite film genre: crime/thriller
  • Favourite film: I can’t pick!
  • Favourite book genre: crime/thriller
  • Favourite book: Me Before You (which is weird because it’s romance)
  • Favourite author: I go for the story rather than the author
  • Why Did You Want to Join Book Club? To start reading again, and have a catch up with my sisters and mum.
  • What Most Excites You About Book Club? Reading a wider range of genres.
  • What Most Scares You About Book Club? Not keeping up with everyone else!
  • What do You Hope to Gain From Book Club? I hope to realise that I do actually have time to read.

Maria – Book Club Member, and my Mum

  • Age: 52
  • Personality type: Defender i.e. introverted, observant, feeling and judging
  • Defining features of your personality type: supportive, reliable, sensitive, social and altruistic
  • Best feature: curly hair… on a good hair day
  • Best character trait: empathy
  • Worst character trait: impatience
  • Best habit: getting up early
  • Worst habit: not going to bed early enough
  • One word your friends would use to describe you: helpful
  • Three words you would use to describe yourself: supportive, honest, sensitive
  • Favourite colour: teal
  • Favourite clothing item: walking boots
  • Favourite food: spaghetti carbonara
  • Favourite sweet: skittles
  • Favourite beauty product: Bobbi Brown cream concealer
  • Favourite music genre: I don’t really have one, but I love 80s music, and anything that makes me want to sing along or dance to.
  • Favourite film genre: romantic comedies
  • Favourite film: About Time

Favourite Book Genre

That’s a tricky one to choose. I enjoy historical novels as well as suspense, dramas and thrillers, but my most favourite genre is probably family sagas. I love to get really involved in the background of the characters, their history and the emotional journey of following their stories over decades.

Favourite Book

Ooh, another tricky question! I’ve read some brilliant books over the years. A few stand out because I just couldn’t put them down, and was really sad to finish them and say goodbye to the characters when I finished the book.

I really enjoyed reading the Philippa Gregory novels about the medieval and Tudor queens. I also loved all the Harry Potter books, by J.K. Rowling, which I read at the same time as Katherine, when she was little. Other favourites include the Philip Pullman trilogy, His Dark Materials, and the Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke.

When I was commuting to London, in the early 1990s, I read literally dozens of Dean Koontz’s suspense thrillers; my favourite of his being Watchers, about a very clever golden retriever who was being pursued by a monster.

One book which I always recommend is Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher. This was a delightful family saga, and also had a couple of sequels, September and Coming Home, which really satisfied my hunger to return to the familiar people and places I’d left behind in the first novel.

As a child I enjoyed reading Little Women, Good Wives, Jo’s Boys, and Little Men, by Louisa May Alcott. I also loved all the Anne of Green Gables stories, by L.M. Montgomery.

Favourite author: Hmmm… all of the above.

Why Did You Want to Join Book Club?

I wanted to join book club to have a shared experience with my daughters, initially in lockdown.

What Most Excites You About Book Club?

I’m excited for the challenge of reading books I wouldn’t usually choose to read, and to discuss the stories and characters, and find out what everyone thinks about them.

What Most Scares You About Book Club?

Having to read a book that I really don’t enjoy. I don’t think that will happen and, if it does, I will certainly hope to rise to the challenge.

What do You Hope to Gain From Book Club?

By being pushed out of my comfort zone, I hope to find enjoyment in new genres. It’s also great to have a reason to catch up with my three daughters via video chat, on a regular basis, and share the pleasure of a good book.

Want to Read Along with Us?

So, there we have it – a little bit of information about our lovely book club members. Now that you know us all a little better, be sure to follow along on our book club journey with us! Stay tuned for our first book club review, coming soon…

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  1. Blue says:

    Your family/book club seems so fun 🙂 Can’t wait to see what y’all do!

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    1. Joanna Journals says:

      We’re loving it so far! Thank you for reading 😊

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