15 TV Series I’ve Watched More Than Once (Some of the Best TV Shows EVER)

Some of the best TV shows reel you in again and again, and these 15 have done just that. To find out some of the shows I’ve loved twice or thrice over, read on…

Popcorn Spilling Out

There’s nothing better than the thrill of watching something you love for the first time. That insatiable hunger for more episodes is exciting, and I’m looking for that again in something new. But, as I haven’t quite found anything recently that’s giving me that hunger for more, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane.

This trip took me back to The Walking Dead, and this made me think, “what other TV shows have been good enough for me to watch over and over?” Clearly, there’s plenty more where that came from!

Seeing as lockdown is still well underway for some, you may be on the hunt for some binge-able TV to get you through the lonely evenings. Well, why not start with my list of re-watchable TV series, right here, to get you going in the right direction…

1. The Walking Dead

Okay so I mentioned The Walking Dead, but what exactly is it about, and what makes it so re-watchable? When something unknown leads to an apocalyptic world event, most of the human race is wiped out and replaced by flesh-eating machines. Sounds a little predictable and macabre, but trust me, it’s fab.

I must admit that I gave up with this series. I started watching when I was about 16 or 17, and had caught up ready for the next seasons when I headed to uni. Then, I was left to watch episode by episode, as the weeks dragged on, and I soon became disinterested. I always wonder if it was because I had to stop binge-watching, or if it really did get bad, but I ended up trailing off by season seven, despite something MAJOR happening. I just wasn’t into it anymore.

Even so, when my boyfriend said he hadn’t seen it, I thought now might be the time to revisit it, and perhaps make it through to the end. Considering I’d re-watched a couple of episodes when my siblings watched it too, I knew I’d enjoy the first seasons just as much a second time around. I have to say, I wasn’t wrong, and I’ve been glued to the screen so far… let’s hope it stays that way.

2. Game of Thrones

I’m sure you know the basic plot of Game of Thrones. It’s in the title really; a clash of families, each fighting for their rightful place on the throne. It’s gory, sexy, and really shouldn’t be missed.

This was another TV programme I started watching when I was about 16, and I’ve since watched most of the early seasons multiple times over. I was basically coerced into starting this when the start of my A-level history lessons would always begin with a class debrief on the latest episode. I specifically remember a mention of the Red Wedding, and I got to the point where I was sick of not understanding what they were talking about.

So, I finally and caved and, once I gave in, I just couldn’t stop.

Again, I just HAD to introduce my boyfriend to this series, and I can honestly say it gets better with age. Yes, the last season was trash, but the journey there was well worth it. What makes re-watching this series so great is that you actually understand most of the in-depth conversations, and infer new secrets and plot lines each time over.

This white crown reminds me of the fight for the throne in Game of Thrones

3. Sex Education

Sex Education is one of those TV shows that every teenager should have watched growing up. The diversity in cast, sexualities, and struggles is just a melting-pot of teen angst, and it perfectly sums up what so many young adults go through as they grow up.

This is yet another series I’ve introduced to my boyfriend, and although he was initially resistant, I managed to persuade him, and he was not disappointed. I had initially watched season one on my own, and was eagerly awaiting season two, and thought it’d be great to get him on board so we could watch the second season together. Well, let’s just say I loved it a second time around.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

This medical drama, which is still going on after 16 seasons (what!?) is well worth the watch. Although I must admit I’ve definitely given up, I’d say I made it to season 14, and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

This show follows the lives of intern doctors making their way up the hospital food chain to become skilled and extremely competent surgeons. We see loves found and lost, a new injury or illness every episode, and a number of fluke accidents along the way. It’s a wild ride, but having re-watched multiple episodes with my sister when she finally got round to watching it, I was hooked yet again.

5. How I Met Your Mother

This is definitely a less serious TV show, but one I adore. Ted Mosby tells the story of how he met his mother to his two grown children. We step into the past as we watch him and his friends adventure through their 20s and 30s in the heart of New York. It’s a brilliant sitcom, which may mimic Friends in some ways, but I love it.

I used to watch this whenever I got home from school, and it was mainly just re-runs. But, as the last few seasons came out I watched it real-time, but I could never shake the feeling that I hadn’t seen them all in order. So, when I saw they’d come onto Netflix, I was thrilled, and coerced Josh (yet again) to watch it with me.

Suffice to say, we thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the not-so satisfying ending.

Since these old-fashioned TVs were in peoples' homes, TV shows have changed a lot

6. Friends

It’s a similar tale for the beloved TV show, Friends. I used to watch this all the time after school, but wasn’t quite sure if I’d seen them all.

Well, after watching it all the way through completely now, I can confirm I’d seen most of them multiple times each. I think there may have been one or two that were new to me, which was great. Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed finally watching these 10 series from start to finish.

It seems this may actually be the most re-watched series of all time, as petitions to keep it on Netflix speak for themselves!

7. Killing Eve

Working with the English secret service, Eve is tasked with sourcing the notorious hired serial killer, Villanelle. But, as Eve begins to get to know the criminal she is so desperate to find, she soon becomes wrapped up in something a lot bigger than she expected.

Watching season one of this show again with Josh was great, as we prepared for season two. Although I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the most recent (and I think final) season of Killing Eve, this was another where the journey was well worth it.

8. American Horror Story

I absolutely love this thrilling and horrifying TV show. After watching it on my own when I was 16, I simply had to share it with my school pals, and we spent our free periods devouring it.

Every series is a completely different story line, and they sometimes link together. Ultimately, though, the main link is that every series is played by a collection of similar actors every time. It’s sick, and twisted, but utterly binge-worthy.

If you want a more detailed synopsis of each season of AHS, as well as my opinions on the ranking order of the American Horror Story series, my blog post on the details can be found here.

This picture of shadowy hands really reminds me of the American Horror Story

9. Friday Night Dinner

This is another brilliant sitcom, which is the epitome of comfort, for me. As someone who’s a little scared of flying, I love re-watching episodes of this as I go; I guess it just gives me that homely feel.

It basically follows a small family of four on there Friday night dinners, as the boys come home for dinner every week. However mundane it may sound, the family and their idiotic neighbours and extended family manage to get themselves in a number of scrapes. It’s hilarious, and definitely one for anyone looking for something easygoing to get stuck into.

10. The Inbetweeners

Every Brit has watched The Inbetweeners, right? Four teenage boys make their way through sixth-form college navigating girls, bullies, exams, alcohol, and adventures with each other by their sides. This is another that’ll make you chuckle when you’re feeling down and, with the two movies to watch afterwards, it’ll keep you going for a while.

11. Chernobyl

Chernobyl was, quite possibly, one of the most epic TV shows I have ever watched. Short but sweet, it takes a deep-dive into the causes and effects of the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl in the 80s. It really just paints a whole new light on what happened, and how devastating it really was. It convinced me that we’re still experiencing the effects of this fallout, even today.

For anyone who doesn’t know much about the explosion, this will truly open your eyes. I would highly recommend it for history buffs and history-haters alike. Out of every series I’ve listed here today, please watch this, first and foremost.

12. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is another series a bit like American Horror Story where we don’t follow the same story all the way through. However, instead of exploring a new tale every series like AHS, Black Mirror tells a new story every episode. It explores the what ifs of modern technology, and really hits home how our modern world may not be as safe as it may seem.

I definitely have my favourite episodes in this series. Normally, I’ll fixate on a certain few, and then watch them with family and friends who have never seen them before. Then, once I’ve hooked them in with these greatest episodes, they usually can’t stop!

Cyber crime pictures, like this, remind me of Black Mirror

13. New Girl

New Girl is another TV series, like HIMYM, that I watched re-runs of after school most days. But, unlike those others, I actually started this TV show from the very beginning, and followed it as and when the new series came out. Then, although I’d seen most of the episodes multiple times already, I managed to get Josh hooked too, and we binged it from start to finish during lockdown.

Jess moves into a huge flat with three guys after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. After struggling to get to know them properly, she soon wriggles her way into their hearts, and we follow their antics throughout. It’s hilarious and heartwarming, and another great show to cheer anyone up. Also, if you’re looking for a frustrating but brilliant love story, this is the series for you.

14. Horrible Histories

Okay, don’t laugh, but if you know, you know. I obsessively watched this TV series as a kid, and even received the first two series on DVD back in the day. Now, as a grown woman, I still stick the odd episode on Netflix here and there. It’s educational, it’s funny, it’s musical… what more could a girl want!?

15. Gossip Girl

Last, but certainly not least, has got to be Gossip Girl. Although I was definitely a little late to this party, having finally watched it when I was about 17, I was obsessed. This show follows the scandalous lives of the upper East-side teenagers living in New York, as they grow up through school and university.

Drugs, sex, loves, losses, foreign Princes – you name it – the cast go through more than any normal person would ever go through across three different lives! Although it’s definitely cheesy at times, it was something I really loved watching, and have watched again a few times since.

The New York skyline resembles the cast of Gossip Girl

Ready to Watch Some of the Best TV Shows Out There?

Clearly, I’m a bit of a TV obsessive, but I guess collecting the shows one by one seems to be a little hobby of mine. Watching them more than once seems to also be a habit I can’t shake. But, when something is good enough to watch multiple times over, you know it’s good.

Have you watched any of these TV series too? Perhaps you’ve watched them more than once, like me? Or, maybe you’ve never watched them at all, and fancy giving them a try? Whatever your story, do leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

As always, any TV recommendations would be much appreciated… although I can’t promise I haven’t watched them already!

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