Naked Wines Review: my First Angel Favourites Red Case

Want to know what I thought of the Naked Wines All Time Angel Favourites Red Case? My thoughts on each bottle I received in the batch can be found right here…

My second case of Naked Wines arrived a few months ago, and I’ve now managed to try them all. Some I’d enjoyed before in my previous case, others I’d never tried before, and some I reluctantly drank again; It was a really mixed batch.

This time round, I ordered the All Time Angel Favourites Red Case – a batch of the best wines recently reviewed by their “angels”. Because of this, the case changes as new wine ratings come in, which I think is a great way of doing things. This means I get to try some of the best rated wines of the past few months, in one batch!

Like before, I decided to rank the wines in this favourites case, from best to worst, so you have a better idea of which bottles are worth the money. So, to discover my thoughts on the wines I’ve been drinking over the past few months, read on…

1. Christian Patat – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Location: Italy
Pairings: Not Specified

This wine is probably my favourite of all the wines I’ve tried so far in the Naked range. It was really smooth, and not tangy at all, which is something I always look for in red wines.

This wine wasn’t very sweet, so I think it’d definitely not pair well with desserts. That said, it’s probably perfect for rich meals that can be cut with the dryness of this wine. I reckon it’d pair best with lighter-flavoured cheeses, as well as chicken and creamy dishes.

The finish of this wine was a very dark red colour, which I thought matched its savoury taste. Ultimately, I was thrilled to have received two of these bottles in this package; a lovely beverage.

2. Arabella Reserve Shiraz Viognier

Location: Western Cape
Pairings: Spicy Foods, Red Meats, and Cheeses

Similarly, I was thrilled to receive another Arabella wine in this case, as I loved the one I got in the last batch. This matched the other Arabella in that it was also delicious and smooth; one of my favourites, yet again. It was also relatively sweet, but a little tart as well, so not sickly at all.

Ultimately, I thought this wine was really fruity and full. I would definitely agree with the pairings but, because it’s so smooth, I think it would go down nicely with anything.

3. Galodoro

Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Pairings: Not Specified

This wine was described as a smooth and fruity wine, that’s well balanced with a nice aftertaste. I would 100% agree with this, as I enjoyed it immensely. It was extremely smooth, with no tangy aftertaste. Just a pure delight to drink.

The only thing I would disagree with is the part about it having a nice aftertaste; it was so smooth, in my opinion, that there was no lingering taste at all!

Generally, there were no remarkable flavourings to it, but it’s definitely one I will be drinking again. And, alas, I will be, as I’ll be receiving another in my next batch of wines… yay!

4. Montaria Gold

Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Pairings: Not Specified
Grape Varieties: Syrah, Alicante Bouschet, Trincadeira, Aragonez

This wine was described as intense with a great concentration of red fruit compote aromas and smoky notes. It’s enriched by a 14-month ageing process in French oak, which I thought you could definitely taste.

Continuing on, it’s also described as dense on the palate, showing great structure and tannins, with a long finish.
It’s definitely got a unique flavour, with a tangy note on the forefront of the mouth. Ultimately, I would says it’s very smooth, flowing through the gullet nicely.

It was definitely rich and dry, and gave me a little acid reflux (which I’m partial to), but overall a very fruity wine that leaves a lasting impression. I’m pleased to be receiving a couple more bottles in my next batch.

5. Christian Patat – Primitivo Puglia

Location: Italy
Pairings: Not Specified

This wine was not as delicious as the previous Christian Patat wine, as I found it a little tarter on the first few sips. However, after these initial sips, and especially after food, it’s a relatively smooth wine.

I drank this with a lovely steak sandwich, topped with cheese, gherkins, tomatoes, and caramelised onions, and it paired really well. The main element that jumped out at me were its smoky notes. Because of this, I reckon it’d be a great combination for mature cheeses and red meats.

6. Kruger Family Wines – Mattel Reserve

Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa
Pairings: Not Specified

This wine was described as a mixture of blue and black berries from Cabernet Sauvignon (54 percent), and spicy dark fruit from Shiraz (46 percent), both giving intense power on the palate. I can’t say I noted any particular tastes from this description, but I’m no expert!

I found it to be quite dry and tangy, and not very sweet at all. This definitely hit the back of my mouth quite a bit, which I’m not a fan of, but it got better after the first few sips.

Still, I could definitely feel it going down my gullet and into my chest, so probably not great for my acid reflux!

7. Juicy’s Assemblage

Location: Australia
Pairings: Savoury Roasts and Barbecues

On the bottle, this was described as juicy and full of flavour. I definitely found it to be quite fruity and sweet, with hints of vanilla. However, it was a bit tangy in the back of the throat when I first drank it, but this didn’t stop it from being nice and drinkable.

I opened this and left it out for three days, which normally makes a wine start to turn. That said, I found it was actually much nicer after this!

After this time, it became smoother, which could have been because I ate different food that day; I had Spaghetti Bolognese the first day, and Chorizo stew the next day. However, I doubt this affected it, as I hadn’t eaten before I drank the wine.
I reckon it just developed in a positive way, rather than what happens to most wines; they get more vinegary.

Ultimately, I’d probably drink this again, but it wouldn’t be the first on my list.

8. Virgile Joy

Location: France
Pairings: Meat and Mature Cheeses

A rich and meaty wine, which I found pretty tangy at the end. With this unpleasant tang, it definitely exacerbated my heartburn.

However, the strong meaty notes in the wine would definitely pair well with red meats and mature cheeses.

Want to know my full thoughts on this wine? Then head to my previous blog post for my full review.

9. Adam Mason – Stellenbosch Merlot

Location: South Africa
Pairings: Not Specified

This was really fruity and sweet when smelling it, and quite sweet at the front of the mouth on the first taste. That said, it then moves to a more tangy flavour when it hits the back of the mouth, and has quite a dirty taste. It definitely gave me acid reflux.

Perhaps I didn’t like it on first taste because I drank it immediately after the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine (my favourite so far). However, the more I drank it, the better it went down; it turned out to be pretty smooth in the end. It certainly helped to enjoy a sausage pasta bake alongside it.

Was I Happy with My First All Time Angel Favourites Red Case?

Although I do love having an array of wines to try from every weekend, I have found that the Naked Wine options are very hit and miss. Basically, I’ve found you either have A* wines that tick almost every box, or wines that are almost undrinkable. There seems to be no in between, at this stage.

That being said, my taste may not be the same as everyone else’s, so don’t take my word for it! What’s more, for the amazing wines I have loved so far, I have still gone and purchased another All Time Angel Favourites Red Case, so it’s definitely worth it.

In this case, we have a couple of my favourites listed above, including Galodoro and Montaria Gold, as well as some of my favourites from the previous case I enjoyed, including Arabella. Alongside these, we have some wines I’ve not yet tried, so I’m very excited to be receiving this.

If you found this informative or useful, and you’re thinking about trying this wine delivery service, let me know in the comments below. Also, stay tuned for my review of the next batch of wines I receive in a few months time. Keep drinking!

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