Top 10 Kitchen Utensils You Need in Your Life

Want to make sure your kitchen has everything it needs to create healthy and delicious food? Discover the 10 must-have kitchen utensils you need right now…

As many of you may already know, I love to cook at home. Both myself and my boyfriend cook health and nutritious meals everyday, but we couldn’t do it without our favourite kitchen gadgets.

Apart from the usual knife, chopping board, cutlery and pans, there are a number of kitchen tools I use daily that I most certainly couldn’t cook without.

Here, I’m going to let you in on my top 10 kitchen utensils that I simply couldn’t live without. So, if you want to deck your home out with all the tools you need to become a home Chef, read on…

1. Casserole Dish

Whether you go for the expensive le Creuset dish, or something a little cheaper, an enamelled cast iron pot is an all-round must-have for your kitchen. If you’re cooking stew or pasta bake, just seer everything off in the pan, pop the lid on, and bung it in the oven. Or, if you’re making a soup, Bolognese, or chilli, it’s the perfect dish to cook it in on the stove.

These pots are large enough to create meals for families, but not too large that they take up ridiculous amounts of cupboard space. They are also extremely durable, so it’s likely that a good investment in this will last you decades to come.

2. Hand Blender

Forget smoothie blenders; a hand blender is the one piece of blending equipment I can’t live without. It’s perfect for creating smooth, silky soups, and falafel mixtures. Just pop the attachment onto the stick blender, place it carefully into the pan or bowl, and blitz ’til your heart’s content.

3. Spatula

Spatula’s are a gift from the heavens if you live by the saying “waste not want not”. Not only are these ideal for scraping the remains of any dish from pan to bowl, they’re also perfect for baking. This way, you can make sure all the gooey cake mixture makes it to the baking tray.

What’s more, if you’re an omelette or frittata lover, they’re also perfect for scraping the mixture away from the pan to flip it or move it to a plate. Similarly, they also make a great tool for scraping underneath a crepe or pancake to ensure none of the mixture gets left behind on removal.

4. Tupperware

My goodness am I a sustainable storage fan! In our house, we always make lots of leftovers of every meal, so we can have healthy and tasty food on tap for subsequent lunches and dinners. Because of this, we simply couldn’t live without our hefty Tupperware collection of boxes of all shapes and sizes!

This allows us to store any leftovers we have away in the fridge in air-tight containers. It also means that, when we’re heading to work with our lunch, it doesn’t spill in our bags. Then, when it comes to eating it, we can just pop the box in the microwave with the lid on loose, ready to serve.

We also have a number of little containers for any spare dressings, chopped vegetables, and more. Whatever food item you can think of, we’ve probably stored it in our fridge in a container at some point.

5. Bottle Opener

Okay, okay, I’m a sucker for a drink. Anyone who’s seen my Naked Wine blog posts will know I love having a bottle or two of wine at the weekends. So, for someone who loves her wine and beer, and with family and friends who also love their wine and beer, this is an essential item.

6. Can Opener

A healthy and balanced diet is all about moderation so, alongside the bottle opener, we also need have can opener. We use this to open anything and everything for our cooking escapades, be it:

The list truly does go on. Without this nifty little gadget, we’d be without a lot of our favourite meals.

7. Mini Frying Pan

I’m sure you’re all equipped with one or more frying pans, perfect for frying bacon, eggs, and the like. But, one thing which always comes in handy is having a couple of smaller pans ready for any little bits on the side.

This is ideal for if you’re cooking one big meal and require a small side which needs heating up, like halloumi, eggs, or nuts. It’s also perfect for creating a little bite-sized omelette or fried egg in the morning.

We have about three of these in our cupboard, and make great use of them. This way, you don’t have to dirty a large pan for something that requires minimal usage. You can also have more control over the shape in which the food cooks.

8. Sieve

Although it may seem obvious, the humble sieve has a lot more to give than for just baking purposes. We hardly bake in our house, and find a sieve is perfect for many jobs. Some of the purposes we like to use it for include:

  • Sieving out vegetables to make the perfect gravy
  • Draining cans of beans and pulses
  • Draining pasta
  • Sieving flour for baking
  • Draining the loose whites off of eggs to make the perfect poached eggs.

9. Tinfoil

Tinfoil is something we use a lot in our house. One of its greatest uses is to line trays before using them. We all know the oily messes that can sometimes build up on baking trays, which is why this is the perfect remedy.

10. Graters

Cheese really is the most delicious food out there, in my opinion. So, name a better gadget than one which makes it that much easier to eat cheese than the humble grater.

In our kitchen, not only do we have the usual box grater for grating cheddar, we also have a hand-held one, just like the ones waiters use for parmesan in Italian restaurants. That said, although we do use it for parmesan, it gets used in our house for grating ginger, garlic, chillies and lemon zest too! A very versatile addition to the kitchen.

Kitchen Utensils Galore!

There we have it; my favourite kitchen gadgets that we use day-in and day-out in our home.

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right utensils to help you do so. That’s why we have our home stocked with all the above; so we can cook as quickly and easily as possible, and treat our bodies kindly in the process.

What do you think of my list of must-have kitchen utensils. Have I missed any out that you think deserve a mention? Be sure to leave your favourites in the comments down below.

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