You Were Gone Review: Starting the Raker Series From the Middle

Your Were Gone, by Tim Weaver, could just be the next detective mystery you sink your teeth into. But, is it worth the read, considering it’s the ninth book in a series? Find out, here…

A picture of the You Were Gone by Tim Weaver book, with a fireplace behind it

It looks like I’ve started reading a series from the middle without realising! Woops… Never mind, as I feel that Tim Weaver’s You Were Gone was written in such a way where this doesn’t matter one bit.

If you love a good detective mystery, this may just be the next book to add to your list. Full of plot twists, this story from the Raker series plunges us into a tale of confusion, heartbreak, and terror.

If you’re looking for a story to take you on a real roller-coaster, and make you wonder who the real villain is, this one will keep you guessing. To discover more about the characters, plot, and my thoughts on this story (without spoilers, of course), read on…

You Were Gone Characters

Before we dive into the plot of this crime novel, let’s first introduce our pivotal characters, who pave the way for the story. The people worth noting throughout the book are:

  • David Raker: the main character, who is an ex-journalist come private detective. Spending years working other peoples’ cases, the tables have turned onto him.
  • Derryn Raker: David’s wife, who has been dead for eight years and seems to have risen from the dead! Is she all that she seems?
  • Detective Fields: the detective who is brought onto the case immediately.
  • Detective Kent: Fields right-hand man, who always seems outwardly suspicious of Raker from the start.
  • Dr. McMillan: a doctor, who is dragged into the case through association with this new Derryn.
A picture of the You Were Gone by Tim Weaver book on the top of a rug

You Were Gone Plot

David Raker’s wife, Derryn, has been dead for eight years. But, when he’s called into the Police Department, and sees the CCTV footage of the woman who arrived there claiming to be his wife, her uncanny resemblance makes David question everything.

As the story unfolds, the detectives looking into the case question David’s sanity. Was Derryn dead all these years, or was she simply missing, and trapped in David’s clutches? Even David begins to question his own sanity, as more people are brought into this web of lies… but are they lies?

Did Derryn really die all those years ago, or was she missing and has actually finally come back to where she belongs? Who knows… not even David knows! The question is, can David solve the case and prove his innocence before things get out of control, or is he really crazy, like they’re saying?

My Thoughts on You Were Gone

After figuring out that this book was number nine in an ongoing series, I was a little worried that I’d feel as though I was missing out on parts of the story. Yes, Tim Weaver definitely made references to other cases in the past, but I didn’t find this hindered the story at all. If anything, this provided a rich background to the story, which made me empathise with David throughout.

The story was very intriguing, and continued to perplex me all the way through. Although I was pretty sure David was the sane one, there were times when I definitely questioned it. Certain scenarios kept David guessing and, in turn, had the reader guessing too.

I felt as though the story had enough twists and turns to keep me reading, but not too many that it was confusing at all. Although I can’t say I was hooked and couldn’t put it down, I can definitely say I got through this book pretty quickly.

Ultimately, this story is certainly one I’d recommend for anyone, whether they’ve read the Raker series or not.

A picture of the You Were Gone by Tim Weaver book, with a fireplace behind it

Ready to Read?

Does You Were Gone, by Tim Weaver, sound like the next book for you? Or, perhaps you’ve read this one, or some other books in the Raker series, and have your own thoughts. Whatever it may be, be sure to leave your own thoughts and any comments you have down below!

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